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Crossroads RV Review

When researching to buy a camper or RV, you may consider Crossroads RV as an option. Our review can help you decide if this brand has a towable that fits your needs.
03/22/2023 02:59 AM

Crossroads is one of the bigger names in the recreational vehicle (RV) industry. The maker of popular camper models like the Sunset Trail has been an option for travelers since it debuted in the mid-1990s. In this Crossroads RV review, our team takes a cold hard look at the brand to see if it produces a quality RV for the price in line with the best RV brands.

This review looks at each of the models the company offers, as well as the cost and quality of those models. It also examines both the positive and negative feedback the brand has received in online Crossroads RV reviews.

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Crossroads RV Review: 3.8 Out Of 5.0 Stars

Crossroads RV might not be the top-of-the-line manufacturer that more demanding RVers are looking for. But the company produces several lines of well-rated travel trailers and fifth wheels at reasonable price points. Crossroads makes towable RVs, not motorhomes like Class A, Class B, or Class C RVs. 

In Crossroads RV reviews, owners of the company’s campers consistently celebrate floor plan designs and amenities. And while questions about build quality linger, it doesn’t appear to be much more of a concern than it is for most other RV brands. However, the reviewers were not impressed with the company’s online customer support options.

Pros Wide range of models and floor plans Longer-than-average warranties Well-designed floor plans
Cons Customer support online is lacking Complaints of build quality issues across many models No real toy haulers or motorhomes

Crossroads RV Overview

Founded in 1996, Crossroads has since become a household name in the RV world. Each of the company’s travel trailers and fifth wheel campers are made by hand at its factory in Topeka, Indiana. Like many RV brands in 2022, Crossroads is now owned by RV giant Thor Industries.

Crossroads RV Cost

Crossroads offers models at a range of prices. The company’s small Zinger line starts at under $24,000. Its luxury Redwood RV line, on the other hand, starts at just under $150,000. The company also produces a number of other lines at a variety of price points in between.

Crossroads RV Models

Crossroads makes RVs in just two different categories: travel trailers and fifth wheels. The company produces 10 different models across these categories, each with multiple floor plans and a wide range of options. Depending on the model, options include bunkhouse beds for more sleeping capacity or an outdoor kitchen for entertaining.

Crossroads RV Travel Trailers

ModelStarting LengthStarting MSRP*
Zinger21 ft. 0 in.$23,843
Sunset Trail22 ft. 6 in.$32,000
Volante29 ft. 7 in.$43,123
Cruiser Aire26 ft. 11 in.$44,000
Hampton Destination Trailer40 ft. 7 in.$86,000

*MSRP is based on base configuration for the smallest floor plan of each model.

Crossroads RV 5th Wheel Trailers

ModelStarting LengthMSRP*
Cameo33 ft. 11 in.$89,500
Cruiser35 ft. 11 in.$89,000
Cruiser Aire28 ft. 1 in.$56,000
Volante27 ft. 10 in.$51,084
Redwood RV36 ft. 8 in.$145,999

*MSRP is based on base configuration for the smallest floor plan of each model.

Crossroads RV Build Quality

There doesn’t seem to be a general consensus among Crossroads RV reviews about the build quality of the company’s RVs. On RVInsider, owners gave the company a rating of 3.1 out of 5.0 stars for quality across 162 reviews, which is better than many major manufacturers.

However, quality issues are consistently brought up in Crossroad RV reviews. Issues range from problems with the fiberglass exterior siding panels and awnings to major electrical malfunctions and plumbing problems. Furthermore, some of these reviewers experienced problems when the RVs were brand new. While issues like these are not uncommon in campers, they do appear to be a point of concern for people looking into buying a Crossroads RV.

Crossroads RV Warranty

Crossroads offers two and three-year warranties on its campers, which is more than many manufacturers do. These warranties can help ease some of the fears about quality issues with the brand as they can cover the cost of manufacturing defects.

Instead of a company-wide warranty, Crossroads offers different term lengths for different models. Here are the company’s warranty offerings:

  • Cameo: Three-year limited structural warranty
  • Cruiser: Three-year limited structural warranty
  • Hampton: Three-year limited structural warranty
  • Redwood: Two-year limited base warranty and three-year limited structural warranty
  • Sunset Trail: Three-year limited structural warranty
  • Volante: Three-year limited structural warranty
  • Zinger: Three-year limited structural warranty

As with any warranty, be sure to read through the fine print before signing anything at the dealership. Manufacturers tend to be very specific about what is and isn’t covered. And some warranties don’t actually cover much.

Considering that build quality issues are a common concern across most–if not all–RV brands, you’re more likely to use that warranty than you would be with a car.

Crossroads RV Customer Support

Based on this research, customer support appears to be a little lacking at Crossroads RV. In addition to a number of complaints about the difficulty of getting parts and other service, the company’s customer service number was difficult to find on its website and there is no chat support option. It also does not have its hours of availability published for its toll-free line.

Like many RV brands, there are several online forums dedicated to owners of the company’s vehicles. However, the main forum,, does not appear to be as active as some other brands’ forums. As a result, it may be a little more difficult to find help online from other Crossroads owners.

Crossroads RV Reviews And Ratings

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) issues Crossroads RV an A+ rating. This indicates that the company is overall responsible in handling complaints from customers. However, Crossroads is not accredited by the BBB.

Over on RVInsider, customers give the company 3.6 out of 5.0 stars overall. This is about average compared to other manufacturers. The company earns more than 4.0 stars in the Liveability, Floorplans, and Driveability/Towability categories. But it receives a low 2.5-star rating in the Warranty category.

It is worth mentioning that, while we see complaints for many Crossroads RV models, there are very few about the company’s Redwoods line. Redwood RV is Crossroads’ high-quality luxury brand and comes at a significantly higher price than its other models. It also appears to have far fewer complaints.

Due to Crossroads’ average rating, customers are mixed on their opinion of the brand. But there were some consistencies in both positive and negative Crossroads RV reviews.

Positive Crossroads RV Reviews

Among favorable reviews for Crossroads RVs, the design of the campers’ floorplans and the amenities inside were a consistent theme. These reviews are indicative of many of the positive Crossroads RV reviews found on RVInsider:

“It has an amazing open floor plan and is a great ‘couples camper‘. We have had very minimal issues with it and highly recommend it.”

– J., 2018 Crossroads Sunset Trail

“More like living in a house than an RV. Has full size appliances. Lots of living room space. Have had a full size couch, chair and loveseat in the living room. Lots of windows, spacious and doesn’t feel closed in.”

– Jamie, 2011 Crossroads Hampton

Negative Crossroads RV Reviews

As is the case for many RV brands, build quality issues are a common thread among Crossroads RV reviews from customers who aren’t satisfied with their purchases. These reviews are representative of the less-than-favorable ones on RVInsider:

“After getting home we found leaks and issues throughout the camper–from loose screws to missed supports–the window trim over the dinette fell off from the drive home–the hot water connections were loose so they leaked when we put the hot water on.”

– Julie, 2021 Crossroads Sunset Trail

“The slide-out leaked within two days of having it. The fuse blew in the refrigerator at the same time. The bathroom shower leaks.”

– Cheryl, 2020 Crossroads Volante

Crossroads RV Review: Does Crossroads Make A Good RV?

Based on our team’s research and Crossroads RV reviews, it is fair to say that the company does make good RVs–especially when you consider the price points. As a result, we give Crossroads RV a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars.

While there do appear to be some concerns about build quality, that’s nothing new for an RV manufacturer. Plus the longer-than-average warranty terms should help negate some of those concerns.

It’s also worth pointing out that there are some distinct differences between models. The brand’s Redwood RV would be an option worth considering for RVers looking for a premium quality camper at a premium price point, while the brand’s Zinger model could be an option for more budget-conscious travelers.

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FAQ: Crossroads RV Review

Who manufactures Crossroads RVs?

Crossroads RV is owned and operated by Thor Industries. Its campers are made in the company’s factory in Topeka, Indiana.

Who makes the Zinger RV?

The Zinger line of RVs, which includes the Zinger Lite, is made by Crossroads RV. It is the company’s smallest and most affordable line of travel trailers.

What does VBM mean in RVs?

VBM stands for “varies by model” in the RV world. This acronym is commonly used to remind RV shoppers that the specifications of some features, such as the size of a freshwater tank, differ from one model to another.

What does toad mean in RVing?

The term “toad” is slang in the RV world for a small car people tow behind an RV. People use these cars to explore surroundings after docking their RV. Toads are more maneuverable and far more fuel-efficient than an RV or a towing vehicle used to pull an RV.

Which RV brands does Thor Industries own?

Thor Industries is one of the largest RV companies in the world. It now owns many popular RV brands including Airstream, Heartland RV, Dutchmen, Jayco, Keystone RV, Thor Motor Coach, Crossroads RV, and many more in North America and Europe.

*Data accurate at time of publication.