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Long-Term Car Rental

Based on our team’s research, the overall best long-term car rental companies with the cheapest monthly rates are Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, Sixt, and Turo.
06/09/2023 03:13 PM

In this article, we’ll compare renting and leasing and also cover the best rental car companies for long-term reservations. We will also go over how much monthly car rentals cost and how to get a cheap long-term car rental.

Who Has The Best Long-Term Car Rental Rates?

According to our cost research, Turo offers the cheapest monthly car rental rates starting at $984.87 per month on average. Sixt, Hertz, Enterprise, and Budget also offer some of the best deals for long-term rental services on the market.

Best Monthly Car Rental Deals

In the chart below, we’ll highlight the cheapest car rental companies with the best monthly deals. It should be noted that car rental prices may vary based on the pickup location, the vehicle you select, and the timing of your rental. The prices shown are the best deals we found for both standard sedans and SUVs at the Orlando, Los Angeles, and Dallas Fort Worth airports:

Rental Car ProviderAverage Monthly RatesLowest Monthly Rates for Sedans Lowest Monthly Rates for SUVs
Turo$984.67 $834.00 $1,090.00
Sixt$1,259.68 $1,226.38 $1,292.97
Budget$1,655.95 $1,583.45 $1,728.45
Hertz$1,780.95 $1,782.02 $1,779.87
Enterprise$2,309.63 $2,108.58 $2,510.69

5 Best Long-Term Car Rental Companies

Our picks for the best long-term car rentals include Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, Sixt, and Turo. We’ll break down each company’s monthly car rental services and their available rates.


Average Monthly Car Rental Rates: $1,655.95

Budget offers discounts on monthly rentals and can provide contracts for up to 11 months at a time. Budget is also a fairly affordable rental agency for long-term reservations according to our cost analysis. We found average long-term rates starting at about $1,656 per month and a modest price difference between neighborhood and airport Budget locations.

You can also get a variety of add-ons from Budget like mobile WiFi, roadside assistance, additional insurance, and child seats. We recommend looking on Budget’s website for deals and coupons and then calling Budget to schedule a monthly rental.


Average Monthly Car Rental Rates: $1,780.95

Our team found monthly rentals as low as $1,135 per month at neighborhood locations in Orlando. However, similar cars started at $1,779.87 per month from Orlando International Airport. With Hertz, it’s a good idea to compare rates between a few different locations in your area.

With Hertz, you’ll get discounted multi-month rentals with reservations of 63 days or more. Long-term rentals come with unlimited mileage and flexible contracts. Hertz also covers wear and tear on the car and will replace tires when needed.


Average Monthly Car Rental Rates: $2,309.63

Enterprise offers discounted long-term rates for rentals of 28 days or more. Monthly rates from Enterprise are around $2,309.63, which is higher than average. The good news is that we only noticed a $100 difference in monthly rates between airport and neighborhood locations.

The company is known for its reliable service and has a 4.4-star rating from nearly 7,000 customers on Trustpilot. It might not be the cheapest option, but its customer experience is among the best according to our analysis.


Average Monthly Car Rental Rates: $1,259.68

Sixt offers long-term rentals just like other major rental agencies. In our research, we found monthly rates from Sixt starting around $1,226.38. The downside is that there are only about 100 Sixt locations across the country. But if there’s one in your travel area, it’s worth checking out.

Sixt also offers car subscriptions through its Sixt+ program. Just like you can subscribe to Netflix one month and cancel it the next, you can pay a monthly rate to drive a car from Sixt and cancel whenever you want. Sixt+ requires a $199 upfront payment and a monthly fee. You can also change out your vehicle depending on availability.

Sixt+ has great rates compared to leasing and long-term rentals from other agencies. Rates start at $649 per month for midsize sedans and go up to $1,159 per month for luxury SUVs. The program is only available at 39 Sixt locations, however. You’ll pay more for cars at the airport or at New York City locations.


Average Monthly Car Rental Rates: $984.67

Turo is a car-sharing marketplace where you can find cheap rental car rates depending on your area. Don’t discount it for long-term rentals. You can find listings advertising long-term rentals for a variety of vehicles. It’s up to the vehicle owner to decide how they want to rent out their car.

Our team found rates for as low as $834.00 per month. The longer you book on Turo, the lower your daily rate can be. We found over 200 listings in Orlando for $1,000 per month or less. These listings were mostly economy or midsize cars that were a bit older. 

Long-Term Car Rental Cost

According to our cost research, long-term rentals start at around $1,676 per month from major agencies. This figure includes taxes and fees, so you may find lower rates at first that don’t take fees into account. Renting a car long-term also typically comes with discounts on the daily rate and you may get discounts on upgrades like insurance or a loss damage waiver (LDW). 

How Long-Term Rental Payments Work

When you get quotes online for rental cars, you’ll see the option to pay when you book or pay at pickup. These online forms will accommodate long-term rentals, but you’ll have to pay in a lump sum unless the online tool gives you another option.

That said, many companies usually allow monthly payments if you call their specialty rental department. You don’t have to budget $9,000 up front for a six-month rental. Just call ahead before you book online to make monthly arrangements.

Car rental rates also include down payments. The rental company refunds this payment after you bring the car back in good condition. Finally, be aware that most car rental companies require a credit card for long-term commitments even if they accept debit cards for short-term rentals.

Other Factors That Increase Cost

Drivers under the age of 25 have to pay young renter fees for standard rentals. These fees also apply to long-term rentals and cost around $20 to $25 per day. Not all companies offer long-term vehicles to young renters.

Also, if you’re considering a long-term rental for a road trip, you’ll pay a higher fee to use different drop-off and pick-up car rental locations. This is because it’s a headache for rental companies to reallocate their fleets. Our analysis shows Dollar is the cheapest company for one-way car rentals on average.

Getting Cheap Long Term Car Rentals

It’s easy to get a cheap long-term or monthly car rental from a variety of companies. Below we’ll cover your provider options for long-term car rentals and how to get rentals for an extended period for an affordable price.

Where Can You Get Monthly Car Rentals?

You can get cheap long-term rentals from several types of providers, including:

  • Rental agencies like Hertz and Enterprise
  • Travel sites like Priceline and Expedia
  • Car-sharing sites like Turo
  • Rental car comparison sites like Discover Cars

How to Get Cheap Monthly Car Rentals

When searching for cheap monthly car rentals there are a few methods that can get you lower rates. Below we will detail four methods that can help you get the best deals for long term car rentals

Be Flexible With Vehicle Choices

Sometimes, the cheapest option isn’t necessarily a compact or economy car, and depending on the demand a location has for specific vehicles, you may find better rates for different cars. For example, our team found it was cheaper to rent a Ford Mustang from a Budget location in Orlando for three months than to rent a standard sedan like a Volkswagen Jetta.

Rent From a Neighborhood Agency Location

From our research, we have found that renting from an agency’s neighborhood location is often cheaper than renting.  Our team found a rental from Hertz at the Orlando airport for $1,217 per month. But a neighborhood Hertz location in Orlando was charging $1,100 per month for the same vehicle class. It can make a difference and you’d save $702 on a six-month rental by simply going to a different Hertz location.

Compare Multiple Locations

Costs vary depending on the exact location where you pick up your vehicle. Perhaps one location has a higher demand for family-size SUVs than another. It may charge higher prices for a long-term SUV rental than another location. So compare rates from different companies and multiple rental locations within each company to find the best monthly car rental rate.

Use Promotions

Many companies offer specific promotions tied to monthly car rental services. When you are checking out different companies, take a look at their deals page while comparing rates. Also, keep in mind some coupons also come as part of signing up for email lists and rental car company loyalty programs which are completely free to join.

List of things drivers can do to get the cheapest rental car costs possible, with accompanying images

Is a Long-Term Car Rental or Lease Better?

If you’re thinking of renting a car for many months, you might also be considering a lease. Leasing makes sense if you need a vehicle for at least two years, though three years is the standard length. If you get a lease for a single year, you’ll pay a hefty charge for depreciation because new cars lose the most value during the first year.

Take a look at how long-term rentals and leasing compare below:

Long-Term Car RentalCar Lease
TimeOne month minimum for long-term discountsOne year is the shortest traditional lease
CostStarts around $1,676 per month from major agenciesHigher cost for short-term lease because of depreciation
FlexibilityCan cancel any month or any day depending on agreementGetting out of a lease early is a hassle
Credit CheckDoesn’t require a credit checkRequires a leasing application and credit check
MileageUnlimited mileage in most casesComes with annual mileage limits

Long-Term Car Rentals: Conclusion

Renting a car long term can be a great option if you need wheels for a few months or more. We recommend checking major rental agencies like Budget, car sharing platforms like Turo, and other options like the Sixt+ car subscription.

Monthly Term Car Rental: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about long-term car rentals:

Who has the best monthly car rental rates?

Turo is the company with the best monthly car rental rates with the lowest price being around $708 based on our research. However, your rates will vary depending mainly on location, reservation timing, and vehicle type chosen.

How much does a long-term car rental cost?

Overall, long-term car rentals typically range anywhere from $829-$2,374 on average depending on location, the time of your booking, and other factors. It’s best to compare quotes and plan out your rental beforehand to get a real feel for what prices may actually be.

How Long Can You Rent A Car For?

Realistically, you can rent a car for as long as you want. Most companies provide agreements up to 11 or 12 months, but you could start a new agreement after that. You may have to switch vehicles once the rental agreement expires, though.

How long can you keep a Hertz rental?

Renters can get Hertz cars for about a year and can renew a rental agreement after that. Our team was able to book a 10-month rental online. You can extend the rental when the 10 months are up, but you may need to change your car and sign a new contract.

Is a long-term car rental worth it?

A long-term rental may be worth it, depending on how long you need the car and the price you find. If you need a car for a few years, a lease may be a better option depending on your situation.

Can I lease a car for three months?

You might be able to find a three-month lease from some companies, but it’s rare and expensive. It’s cheaper to rent a car for three months than to lease one.