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Glass Doctor: Reviews, Cost, And Services

In our Glass Doctor review, we rate the company 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Discover why it earned Best Overall Provider in our auto glass industry study.
07/17/2023 11:50 AM

Glass Doctor repairs auto glass all across the U.S. and in parts of Canada, making the company a compelling option for most drivers. In this Glass Doctor review, we’ll take a look at services the company offers, how much it charges, and what most customers have to say.

Keep reading to find out how Glass Doctor compares to other auto glass choices and to learn why it earned the title of Best Overall Provider for 2022.

About Glass Doctor

Founded in Seattle, Washington in 1962, Glass Doctor operates over 270 shop locations and serves 45 states and six provinces in Canada. The Waco, Texas-based company offers various types of auto glass services along with home and business glass repair.

Each Glass Doctor location is a locally owned franchise that offers in-store and mobile services. Not all ZIP codes are covered–you’ll have to visit to see if you can get service in your area. Glass Doctor isn’t currently available in Connecticut, Hawaii, Rhode Island, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.

What We Like About Glass Doctor

Our Glass Doctor review found that the provider offers an excellent mix of service selection and affordability. Add to that a reputation for strong customer service across many locations and it’s easy to see why Glass Doctor earned the title of Best Overall Provider.

Glass Doctor Pros & Cons

Pros Affordable prices Wide variety of services Great customer service reputation In-store or mobile repair
Cons Not available in all areas Not available in all areas

Glass Doctor Auto Glass Services

Glass Doctor offers a large selection of auto glass repair and replacement services, both in its body shops and via mobile units. The company typically offers the following options:

  • Windshield repairs and replacements
  • Sunroof replacements
  • Passenger window replacements
  • Back glass replacements
  • Headlight restoration (depending on shop location)
  • Window tinting (depending on shop location)

For windshield services, you can either visit a shop or schedule an appointment for a technician to come to your car. Glass Doctor offers same-day and next-day service appointments, depending on availability.

Auto Glass Repair Vs. Replacement

Not every crack or chip requires full glass replacement–some glass can be repaired at a lower cost. While you’ll need the final word from a Glass Doctor technician, there are a few standard indicators that your auto glass damage can be repaired.

Chips that aren’t in your line of sight and are about the size of a quarter or smaller can often be repaired. Cracks that are less than 3 inches, or about the size of a dollar bill, are also often repairable.

Other Glass Doctor Services

Glass Doctor reviews regularly speak of the company’s window repair and window installation services for businesses and homeowners. Other commercial and home services from the company include the following:

  • Glass shower enclosures
  • Glass shower doors
  • Double-pane window replacement
  • Tabletops
  • Office windows
  • Large window panes
  • Storefront window glass
  • Custom glass installations

Glass Doctor franchises offer emergency services for home and business glass needs, but not for auto glass. You should still be able to have your windshield repaired or replaced by Glass Doctor in a timely manner, however.

Glass Doctor Service Upgrades

Glass Doctor also offers a few service upgrades that come at an additional cost. These include:

  • Future installation option: This add-on covers labor costs and parts when you use the windshield protection plan.
  • Hydrophobic glass protectant: You can purchase this protective windshield treatment to repel water and reduce glare.
  • Wiper blades: Receive new wiper blades at the time of windshield installation if needed.
  • Full service plan: This bundle includes the future installation option, hydrophobic glass protectant, and new wiper blades.
  • Future calibration option: Get your advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) recalibrated when you come in for a windshield replacement.

Glass Doctor Costs

Glass Doctor’s pricing tends to be more affordable than the industry average. Glass Doctor reviews online show quotes that range from $270 to $350 for a standard windshield replacement. In our research, we found that standard windshield replacement costs are between $300 and $500 across the industry.

Auto Glass Service Cost Factors

Graphic displaying auto glass cost factors including type of car, type of damage, windshield technology, replacement glass type, your location, and location of damage

Several factors go into the cost of an auto glass service. These are some of the most significant:

  • Type of vehicle: Your car’s year, make, model, and trim all affect the cost of auto glass repairs and replacements. In general, companies charge more to service luxury brands and other expensive vehicle types.
  • Type of damage: Repairing auto glass is almost always cheaper than replacing it. That means you’ll usually pay less to fix smaller damages out of the driver’s line of sight.
  • Windshield technology: Replacement glass with ADAS safety features usually costs far more than standard automotive glass. These systems also require calibration, which typically comes at an additional fee.
  • Type of replacement glass: Glass from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a nearly exact replacement part and comes at a higher cost than aftermarket glass.
  • Your location: Local market rates and other factors related to your area affect how much auto glass services cost.
  • Location of damage: Which glass panel needs repairing or replacing is a major cost factor. The front windshield of your vehicle may cost more to replace than a car window, so consider where the chip or crack is located.

Glass Doctor Payment Plans

The need for auto glass repair or replacement almost always comes as a surprise, meaning you may not be financially prepared for it. Because of this, Glass Doctor offers payment plans to help spread repair or replacement costs over several months.

If you can immediately cover the cost of Glass Doctor’s services, the company accepts cash or credit cards.

How To Use Glass Doctor

You can call a local Glass Doctor shop or visit in person to get service, but the company also makes it easy to set up appointments through its website. Glass Doctor reviews mention that getting an appointment online involves just a few steps:

  1. Find the online quote form on the Glass Doctor website. Select “Auto” from the drop-down list of services and enter your ZIP code to get a quote.
  2. On the next page, you’ll need to fill out some information about you and your vehicle. Provide your name, address, phone number, and email address. You’ll also be asked to indicate your preferred method of contact.
  3. It’s now time to provide information about your vehicle and the service you’re requesting. The form asks for your car’s year, make, model and vehicle identification number (VIN). It asks a few other questions about the broken glass and gives you the option to upload pictures of the damage to your vehicle.
  4. After submitting your information, you’ll get a reply via email or over the phone, depending on your preferred method of contact. A Glass Doctor representative will help you set up an appointment, either in a body shop or with a mobile technician.
  5. On the day of your appointment, you’ll either take your car to a body shop or wait for a mobile technician to come to you. With the Glass Doctor mobile service, you only need to meet your installer to hand over your keys and can then leave while they work.

Glass Doctor Warranties

Glass Doctor offers two types of warranties, which we’ll run through below.

Glass Doctor Limited Windshield Warranty

The limited windshield warranty covers leakage, workmanship errors, and defects in the new windshield after installation. It’s automatically included with each repair or replacement service.

Glass Doctor Windshield Protection Plan

The windshield protection plan is included for new installations and receives praise in many Glass Doctor reviews. This plan lasts for 12 months and covers an unlimited number of chip or crack repairs to the new windshield during that time. It also covers one windshield replacement due to road hazards, though you’ll pay for labor and other materials like adhesives.

Glass Doctor Reviews

Glass Doctor is made up of many franchisees, and reviews vary between locations. In general, customers tend to have positive opinions, with ratings staying relatively consistent from one location to the next. Across the board, Glass Doctor reviews tend to hover around 4.0 out of 5.0 stars on Google and Yelp.

Most franchise locations also have A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Here are a few Glass Doctor franchises with their BBB and Google ratings:

Glass Doctor LocationGoogle RatingBBB RatingBBB Accreditation
Tampa, Fla.4.8A+Yes
Memphis, Tenn.4.8A+No

Positive Glass Doctor Reviews

When reporting a positive experience, many reviewers mention friendly staff, quick service, and good communication. The comments below represent many positive Glass Doctor reviews that we found online.

“After a golf ball smashed the rear window of my car Friday evening, the Glass Doctor technician was out early Saturday to replace it. [The technician] was professional, courteous, and efficient. Glass Doctor is excellent.”

– Ken W. via BBB

“I had my Kia Optima’s windshield done here, and it is absolutely perfect. I am very happy with the results. The staff is so friendly and the prices are very reasonable.”

– Rhonda B. via Google

Negative Glass Doctor Reviews

Those who were disappointed with their auto glass repairs from Glass Doctor usually had issues with the work quality of individual technicians. The following Google reviews reflect the negative sentiments we found:

“The first technician did an absolutely horrible job. I am talking about uneven gaps from the glass to the body side to side, a stress crack in the replacement windshield, and visible black urethane adhesive residue on the bright red paint. And he scratched my car.”

– Rebecca S. via Google

“Use at your own risk! Three tries and they still can’t get it right. Lousy.”

– Stan M. via Google

Glass Doctor Reviews: Conclusion

Glass Doctor earned 4.5 out of 5.0 stars in our review methodology, the highest score among the glass specialists we considered. The company’s affordability and selection of services are hard to beat, but it’s the excellent service in Glass Doctor reviews from customers that pushed the company to the top.

Glass Doctor: Other Recommended Providers

While Glass Doctor is an excellent choice for auto glass services, it may not be right for all drivers. We recommend getting quotes from multiple companies and comparing them before making a decision. Safelite and Glass America are also standout auto glass providers that are worth getting quotes from.

Safelite: Widespread Availability

Safelite is the country’s largest auto glass service provider, with thousands of mobile and brick-and-mortar locations across all 50 states. Combined with a large selection of repair and replacement services, most people across the U.S. can get the work they need from Safelite.

Keep reading: Safelite review

Glass America: Most Services Offered

No provider in our study offered as wide a range of services as Glass America. While the company is worth a look for drivers with specialized needs, it’s also a good option for those who need standard auto glass. On top of the company’s competitive prices, Glass America does not charge extra for mobile services, as many providers do.

Glass Doctor Review: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions that relate to Glass Doctor reviews.

Who owns Glass Doctor?

Glass Doctor is owned by Neighborly, a home and auto service provider that works with customers across the U.S. and Canada.

Are glass companies profitable?

Glass companies can be very profitable. This is primarily due to consistent demand and a relatively low need for investment in tools, machinery, and other equipment.

Does Glass Doctor use OEM glass?

According to its website, Glass Doctor uses materials that closely match OEM glass. In other words, you’ll likely receive an aftermarket product that’s of a similar quality to your windshield’s original glass.

Is Glass Doctor owned by Safelite?

Glass Doctor is owned by Neighborly, not Safelite. Both Glass Doctor and Safelite regularly compete for business, however, and both receive positive reviews overall.

How We Rate Auto Glass Providers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of auto glass providers. Numerous qualities contribute to the success of an auto glass company, and our team focuses on the ones that car owners indicate to be the most important. We thoroughly research each of the following categories to provide relevant, helpful, and objective reviews.

  • Cost: We requested quotes from auto glass providers and examined each company’s discounts to determine cost of services relative to averages for the market.
  • Services: Our team scored providers based on the variety and total number of services offered to customers.
  • Availability: We considered the geographic areas each provider serves as well as the number of locations it operates to assess the accessibility of services. 
  • Customer Experience: Our team read through hundreds of customer reviews and evaluated customer complaints to learn about each company’s customer service experience. 
  • Industry Reputation: We examined each provider’s rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and similar organizations to understand its reputation within the auto glass industry.

*Data accurate at time of publication.