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5 Best Fifth-Wheel RV Campers

Take a cozy camping trip in one of the best fifth-wheel RVs.
03/20/2023 03:48 AM

Many outdoor enthusiasts dream of owning one of the best fifth-wheel RVs. Due to fifth-wheel RVs’ relatively affordable prices and ease of movement, many families and adventurers have purchased them to fulfill their camping dreams.

If you’re ready for RV ownership, you may be considering a variety of fifth-wheel trailers. Keep reading to discover the average costs, standard layouts, and added features that come with the best RV brands.

What Is A Fifth-Wheel RV?

A fifth-wheel RV (or 5th-wheel camper) is an extended travel trailer that can be towed behind a truck. While most RV models come with an engine and can be driven around by themselves, a fifth-wheel RV can’t move unless hitched to another vehicle.

A fifth-wheel RV must be connected to the bed of a pickup truck, where a specific fifth-wheel hitch needs to be installed. It’s critical that owners set these hitches up correctly, as they tow heavy cargo.

While finding a pickup truck and installing a hitch might sound like too much work, many owners find the travel trailers are worth it. The best fifth-wheel RVs offer roomy and luxurious interiors at prices rarely matched by even the best class B RVs.

How Long Are Fifth-Wheel RVs?

Fifth-wheel RVs often stretch anywhere from 30 to 45 feet in length. Many families opt for fifth-wheel campers because they’re usually some of the largest travel trailers. If you’re looking for a camper that’s spacious enough for the entire family, you’ll definitely want to check out the best fifth-wheel RVs.

While fifth-wheels provide lots of room, some campers prefer motorhomes that don’t need to be towed. Those without pickup trucks might be better suited to some of the best small RVs.

Fifth-Wheel RV Pricing

Because they’re extended travel trailers instead of motorhomes, the best fifth-wheel RVs come at competitive prices. Expect to spend between $25,000 and $120,000 for a fifth-wheel RV. Extra features and higher build quality cost more.

Remember that you’ll likely need a pickup truck to tow a fifth-wheel RV. If you don’t own a vehicle that can support a fifth-wheel hitch, it may be cheaper to opt for one of the best class C RVs.

Best Fifth-Wheel RV Models

Plenty of travel trailers claim to be the best fifth-wheel RVs, but only a few actually deserve that reputation. Based on our team’s research into floor plans, build quality, and average costs, we found that the following models stand out as the top five options.

Crossroads RV Cruiser: Best For Full-Time Living

The Crossroads RV Cruiser offers standout features and a high-quality build at a reasonable price. While some of the best fifth-wheel RVs have fancier fits and finishes, the majority of RVers come away satisfied with the Crossroads RV Cruiser.

There’s a good deal of room for those still getting used to RVing, so the Crossroads RV Cruiser is a strong option for full-time living. You’ll find a fully equipped dinette, an expansive living area, and washer and dryer hookups in this model. The Cruiser comes in four different floor plans, which provide more space than many of the best Class A motorhomes.

Keystone builds all Crossroads RV Cruiser models, which range from a dry weight of nearly 11,000 to almost 13,000 pounds. With a size range of about 36 to 42 feet long, the Cruiser is well-suited to the RV lifestyle. However, it may be more challenging to get into campgrounds with a camper that’s over 40 feet long.

The Crossroads RV Cruiser receives an average of 4.3 stars out of 5.0 on RVInsider.

Pros Strong combination of features and price Great choice for full-time living Excellent customer reviews
Cons Not the fanciest RV model Average warranty coverage

Crossroads RV Cruiser Warranty

Drivers receive a three-year limited structural warranty with all Crossroads RV Cruiser fifth-wheel models. That means you’ll receive protection only for the roof, walls, and other specific structural components of your Crossroads RV Cruiser.

Heartland Bighorn: Best Value

Among the best fifth-wheel RVs, the Heartland Bighorn is known for both its durability and its competitive pricing. With nine models available, drivers can choose from layouts that include quality cabinetry and countertops along with perks such as slideouts and awnings with LED lighting.

The Heartland Bighorn stretches from 38 to 43 feet in length and can sleep up to six people. It has a dry weight of between 12,000 and 15,000 pounds, depending on the model. While the mammoth Heartland Bighorn holds bunk beds and plenty of storage space, there are currently no fifth-wheel toy hauler models on the market.

It’s difficult for even the best fifth-wheel RVs to match the vast living space and underbelly offered by the Heartland Bighorn. Few campers can comfortably fit as many people either, proving that the Bighorn offers exceptional value among the best fifth-wheel RVs.

On RVInsider, the Heartland Bighorn receives 3.8 stars on average.

Pros Sleeps up to six people Outstanding value Nine floor plans to choose from
Cons May be too large for some

Heartland Bighorn Warranty

Each Heartland Bighorn comes with a one-year limited warranty and a three-year structural warranty. The first covers defects in workmanship throughout your RV, while the second takes care of issues that pertain to your camper’s basic construction elements.

Grand Design Solitude: Best Build Quality

The Grand Design Solitude stands out for its thoughtful design and high level of craftsmanship. This fifth-wheel RV company holds a reputation for quality products, and that can be seen by the spacious living room, queen bed, and stainless steel appliances found in the Grand Design Solitude’s 11 floor plans.

While it isn’t the cheapest of the best fifth-wheel RVs, the Grand Design Solitude includes features that make it a worthwhile investment. This model is easily towable and has enough room to be a great full-time RV option. Add in strong insulation and a roomy underbelly, and it’s not hard to see why the Grand Design Solitude receives praise from many owners.

The Grand Design Solitude offers a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of anywhere from 15,000 to 16,800 pounds and can stretch from 33 to 42 feet in length. This is slightly shorter than some of the other best fifth-wheel RV options, meaning smaller models may be accepted into campgrounds that can’t fit larger trailers.

The Grand Design Solitude has an average rating of 4.1 stars on RVInsider.

Pros 11 floor plans to choose from Excellent craftsmanship and features Can be smaller than other fifth-wheels
Cons Average warranty coverage

Grand Design Solitude Warranty

Compared to warranties for some of the other best fifth-wheel RVs, the Grand Design Solitude’s warranty is average. You’ll find a one-year base limited warranty and a three-year structural limited warranty on the trailer, as is standard across the industry.

Forest River Wildcat: Best For Families

Combining affordability with an impressive set of features, the Forest River Wildcat ranks as a strong option for families. Its seven floor plans range from 32 to 43 feet in length, so RVers with smaller tow vehicles don’t need to worry about this model.

While the Forest River Wildcat isn’t a high-end model, it offers enough sleeping and storage space for an entire family and their gear. Expect fewer luxury features with the Wildcat and more innovative designs that maximize the use of space.

The Forest River Wildcat has a dry weight of between 8,500 and 11,500 pounds, which is less on average than the other best fifth-wheel RVs. This might come in handy for those with smaller towing vehicles, as it takes less to haul a Wildcat than many other RV models.

On RVInsider, the Wildcat holds an average score of 3.6 stars from Forest River RV reviews.

Pros Relatively affordable Can fit into smaller campgrounds Lighter than most fifth-wheels
Cons Lacks high-end features Below-average warranty coverage

Forest River Wildcat Warranty

Don’t expect much out of the Forest River Wildcat’s warranty. The company only offers a single year of limited protection on the model. Unfortunately, the Wildcat has one of the least impressive warranties among the best fifth-wheel RVs.

KZ Durango Gold: Best Luxury Model

If you’re looking for one of the most impressive luxury fifth-wheel RVs, it would be hard to top the KZ Durango Gold. While it’s not cheap, owners receive a deluxe experience and plenty of space when they step into this model.

Expect a litany of features in the KZ Durango Gold, from an electric tilt bed and theater seating to a fiberglass cap on the exterior for added protection. The KZ Durango Gold comes in eight models that range from 36 to 43 feet in length, making it one of the larger options of the best fifth-wheel RVs.

The KZ Durango Gold isn’t the lightest model either, with a GVWR between 15,000 and 16,000 pounds. If you’re looking for a premium camper at a pretty reasonable price for its quality, though, this model is a great option.

The Durango Gold has an impressive 4.3-star rating average from KZ RV reviews on RVInsider.

Pros Luxury features Strong build quality Standout warranty coverage
Cons Relatively expensive Weighs more than most

KZ Durango Gold Warranty

The warranty that comes standard with the KZ Durango Gold outclasses most of the competition. You’ll receive a two-year limited warranty that covers nearly all camper parts, while the industry average is only half that.

Best Fifth Wheel RV: Conclusion

Overall, the Crossroads RV Cruiser is our top pick for a fifth-wheel RV. It has reliable ratings and offers a good combination of features and value. Check out our RV buying guide and look at RVs in person at dealerships and shows to find the best fifth wheel for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the highest-quality fifth-wheel RV?

The highest-quality fifth-wheel RV is either the Grand Design Solitude or the KZ Durango Gold. Each model offers standout features and thoughtful craftsmanship.

What is the best-rated fifth-wheel?

The best-rated fifth-wheels are the Crossroads RV Cruiser and the KZ Durango Gold, which both hold an excellent 4.3-star rating average from owners on RVInsider. The Cruiser combines loads of features with a competitive price tag, and the Durango Gold offers luxuries such as theater seating.

What is the most luxurious fifth-wheel?

The most luxurious fifth wheel at a relatively affordable price is the KZ Durango Gold. Owners receive premium features in this model without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fifth-wheel RVs can cost over half a million dollars if owners want top-of-the-line models.

*Data accurate at time of publication.