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Windshield Replacement Cost

06/09/2023 01:05 PM
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In this article, you’ll find details about the average cost of windshield replacement, the factors that affect the cost to replace a windshield, and your options for getting a new one. Along with that, we’ll offer a few recommendations for auto glass repair providers.

Average Cost to Replace a Windshield

The average cost to replace a windshield is between $200 and $500, according to our research. We used estimates from sites like RepairPal, secret shopper studies, and additional sources to find this average. However, many variables like vehicle type and location can make the cost higher or lower than our estimates.

Windshield Replacement Cost Factors

Graphic displaying auto glass cost factors including type of car, type of damage, windshield technology, replacement glass type, your location, and location of damage

How much it costs to replace your car’s windshield depends on a few factors, including:

  • Type of vehicle: The make, year, and model of your vehicle determine the cost of the replacement glass used in the repair. It typically costs more to replace windshields for luxury vehicles from BMW and Mercedes-Benz than for more common models from Honda, Chevrolet, and Toyota.
  • Windshield features: Standard windshields are usually much cheaper to replace than ones equipped with features such as rain sensors and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Newer and luxury cars may have these safety features, increasing the cost to replace a windshield.
  • Damage: The type of damage to your windshield can affect how difficult it is to remove and replace it. Auto glass with a simple crack will likely be cheaper to replace than glass with more extensive damage.
  • Front vs. rear: There can be a large price difference between rear and front windshield replacement. Which one costs more varies largely based on the vehicle.
  • Type of glass: You may be able to choose the glass quality used in your replacement. As you may expect, it costs more to replace denser, higher-quality glass.
  • Manufacturer: Auto glass from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) tends to be more expensive than aftermarket windshield replacement.

OEM Vs. Aftermarket Windshield Replacement Cost

Whether you choose an OEM windshield replacement or an aftermarket one makes a major difference in cost. Aftermarket glass can cost as much as $100 less than its OEM counterparts, with the difference sometimes being even more significant.

Cost isn’t the only consideration, however. Cheap windshield replacements from some manufacturers may not match the quality of OEM parts. Poor-quality auto glass has several possible downsides, including:

  • Breakage: Lower-quality glass may be thinner or more brittle than an OEM windshield. This can lead to it breaking more easily, which could lead to issues over time.
  • Warping: Cheaper windshield replacements are more prone to warping. This can lead to a distorted view of the road for the driver, creating potentially dangerous situations.
  • Fit: While an OEM part is made for your specific vehicle, third-party windshield replacements may not fit perfectly. This could potentially lead to issues such as a loose windshield or leaks around the seams.

While aftermarket glass isn’t necessarily of a worse quality than OEM products, drivers should still be cautious and pick their windshield replacement products wisely.

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of Windshield Replacement?

Your car insurance company may cover the cost of replacing a chipped or cracked windshield, but this depends on your chosen coverages. There are two types of auto insurance that cover the cost to replace a windshield, though each one works in different circumstances:

  • Collision coverage: Takes care of the cost to replace a windshield if it breaks during a car accident you caused.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Covers windshield replacement costs if the glass breaks due to nonaccident causes like theft, vandalism, and severe weather.

How Do I Know If My Insurance Covers Windshield Replacement Costs?

If your auto policy includes collision and comprehensive coverage, insurance should cover the cost to replace a windshield minus the deductible. Check your car insurance coverage online for your current policy information, or ask your auto insurance provider.

Both of the insurance options above cover far more than just auto glass replacement services. Having a policy that includes both comprehensive and collision coverage is often referred to as full coverage insurance because it protects against damages in most situations. While adding comprehensive and collision to your policy will raise your premiums, they could reduce your out-of-pocket expenses in the event of a car insurance claim.

If you’re wondering how much it would cost to add comprehensive and collision coverage to your insurance policy, make sure to compare car insurance quotes from a few providers.

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Where To Replace A Windshield

Unless you’re experienced with auto glass repairs, fixing a damaged windshield isn’t a job you should try out on your own. Since it involves glass that can cut you if broken, this is not a safe job to take on at home. Fortunately, you have a few options for getting the job done by professionals.

Replacing Your Windshield At A Dealership

You can usually get your windshield replaced at the car dealership. Technicians at the dealer’s service shop will use OEM replacement parts and are often certified by their company to work on specific vehicles.

For these reasons, many people prefer getting work done at the dealership. However, this is typically the most expensive way to replace your windshield.

OEM Glass Pros And Cons

Pros OEM glass is designed for your specific vehicle model and year You can be sure the windshield includes all the factory tech and sensors OEM glass may come with a warranty from the manufacturer
Cons OEM glass costs more than aftermarket glass May require a trip to the dealership if the glass installer doesn’t offer OEM glass

Replacing Your Windshield With An Auto Glass Company

Getting services performed at an auto glass repair shop often leads to a lower cost to replace your windshield. You’ll find a few advantages over dealerships and general repair shops:

  • Price: Auto glass repair facilities typically charge much less to replace windshields than dealerships would for the same job.
  • Speed: It may be weeks or even months before you can get an appointment at a dealership service center. Auto glass shops can get your replacement performed much sooner, sometimes offering same-day service.
  • Mobility: Because they don’t need an entire auto shop’s worth of equipment, many glass companies offer mobile services. This means that a repair technician can come to your vehicle, which could help if windshield damage impairs your visibility or otherwise makes your car unsafe to drive.
  • Expertise: Automotive technicians need to know how to fix everything on a car. Auto glass repair technicians, on the other hand, are specialists in their field. This means they may be more experienced and knowledgeable about replacing windshields.

Aftermarket Windshield Pros And Cons

Pros Aftermarket glass is cheaper than OEM glass Aftermarket glass can be equivalent to OEM quality Reputable companies get aftermarket glass from the same factories that make glass for manufacturers
Cons Glass can be of a lower standard if it isn’t from a reputable company The glass may not come with any warranty

Should I Replace My Windshield?

A full windshield replacement isn’t always necessary, as it depends on the exact issue and the severity of the damage. Some problems with auto glass can be repaired rather than replaced. As you’d imagine, repair costs tend to be significantly cheaper than replacement costs.

When You Should Replace Your Windshield

While repairs may work in some cases, there are a few situations in which they almost certainly will not. You likely need to pay the full cost to replace the windshield if you have any of the following types of damage:

  • Cracks longer than 3 inches
  • Multiple cracks of varying shapes and sizes
  • Deep cracks on both edges of the windshield
  • Chips larger than the size of a quarter
  • Stained or excessively dirty cracks
  • Cracks located in the driver’s line of sight

What Affects Whether You Should Repair or Replace a Windshield?

There are times when repairing a damaged windshield is all that’s needed. Below are some factors to consider when deciding whether to repair the damage or get a new windshield.


Smaller, more minor windshield damage can often be repaired. In general, repair services can fix small chips of up to 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) in diameter. A good rule with glass chips is that if you can cover the damage with a quarter, it can probably be repaired. Windshield cracks 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) long or less rarely need replacement.


The shape of the damage is also an important factor in the cost to replace your windshield. Generally, simpler cracks and chips are more likely to be repairable than complex ones.

The auto glass industry uses a few trade names for different types of damage. Knowing which damage type you have can reveal whether you actually need to pay the full cost for windshield replacement. Below are a few industry terms and their definitions.

Damage TermDefinition
Bullseye chipNamed for their target-like shape, these chips look like concentric circles. They’re usually the result of a rock strike or impact from other road debris. Many smaller bullseye chips and partial bullseye chips can be repaired.
StarburstAlso called a star break, this damage looks like several small cracks extending from one point in the center. While smaller star breaks can be repaired, they can quickly lead to longer cracks if ignored.
Straight lineA crack that follows a straight line, more or less. The straighter the crack in your windshield is, the easier it is to repair.
SpiderwebDamage that resembles a spiderweb, with cracks running through circular chips, is usually too extensive to repair. This type of damage usually requires full replacement.

Windshield repairs can fix small damages, but doing so could warp or distort the glass around the area. When damage is located within a driver’s line of sight, repaired glass can also distort their view of the road.

This decreased visibility poses a serious safety risk. As a result, it’s almost always a good idea to entirely replace a windshield if the damage is located on the driver’s side.

In addition, cracks or chips near the edges of the windshield can be difficult or impossible to repair. This is mainly due to the curvature of the glass in these areas and the proximity to the seals around the windshield.

Cost of a Windshield Replacement: Conclusion

The cost to replace a windshield tends to fall between $200 and $500 for most car owners. Many factors contribute to the cost to replace a windshield, ranging from the type of glass used to the shop you pick. While auto glass damages can be repaired in some cases, replacement is usually the safer and more long-lasting solution.

You will likely pay more for glass replacement if you choose OEM parts and prefer to use a dealership’s services. Going with an auto glass repair company could save you a significant amount on the cost of windshield replacement.

Cost of Windshield Replacement: Recommended Providers

After an in-depth study of the auto glass industry, our team can recommend getting free quotes from a few nationally-known auto glass companies.

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Glass Doctor: Top Provider

Glass Doctor has an extensive auto glass repair network, with shops and services available in 45 states and in Canada. One standout feature of Glass Doctor is the Windshield Protection Plan, which offers unlimited repairs and one free windshield replacement during the year after installation. Along with windshield repair and replacement, Glass Doctor can help with calibration for faulty ADAS systems.

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Safelite: Widespread Availability

Safelite is the largest auto glass repair company in the country, offering service in all 50 states. The provider uses proprietary products and methods such as its GlassHealer™ resin and TrueSeal® technology, and it also offers OEM auto glass to those who desire it. Safelite gives drivers a lifetime warranty on its auto glass, meaning that you’ll be protected from defects in materials or workmanship long after the service’s completion.

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Cost To Replace Windshield: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions on the cost to replace a windshield:

How much does windshield replacement cost?

From our cost analysis, we found that the cost to replace a windshield falls on average from $200-$500. However, this price can vary based on factors like the provider you chose, the type of glass, and your location.

How much does a windshield replacement cost with insurance?

Depending on your car insurance coverage it costs $500 on average according to Pro Lite Auto Glass. However, to get a good idea of what it would cost, we suggest that you check your policy online or speak with an agent from your insurance company.

How much would it cost to replace a back windshield?

Replacing your back windshield costs less than front windshield replacement and can cost anywhere from $100-$300 according to getjerry. Even so, this cost will change based on factors such as location, insurance coverage, and the provider you chose.

How long does it take to replace a windshield?

It takes between one and a half and two hours to replace a windshield when the job is performed by an experienced technician. Some factors, such as the condition of the broken windshield, may cause the job to take longer.

Does Safelite do free quotes?

Safelite offers free quotes on windshield replacement and repair services. The company has a quote tool on its website that delivers localized prices depending on your ZIP code. You can also go to a Safelite location or call the company for an auto glass quote.

How big of a crack can Safelite fix?

In general, Safelite and other auto glass repair companies can fix cracks up to 3 inches long. However, shorter cracks that are especially jagged or dirty may not be repairable and could require replacement.

How can I fix a crack in my windshield?

You can try to fix a crack in your windshield with one of the glass repair products found online or in auto repair stores. However, you risk causing further damage or even injuring yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. Fixing a crack is better done by a professional and could in some circumstances cost less than you think.

How We Rate Auto Glass Providers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of auto glass providers. Numerous qualities contribute to the success of an auto glass company, and our team focuses on the ones that car owners indicate to be most important. We thoroughly research each of the following categories to provide relevant, helpful, and objective reviews.

  • Cost: We requested quotes from auto glass providers and examined each company’s discounts to determine cost of services relative to averages for the market.
  • Services: Our team scored providers based on the variety and total number of services offered to customers.
  • Availability: We considered the geographic areas each provider serves as well as the number of locations it operates to assess the accessibility of services.
  • Customer Experience: Our team read through hundreds of reviews and evaluated customer complaints to learn about each company’s customer service experience.
  • Industry Reputation: We examined each provider’s rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and similar organizations to understand its reputation within the auto glass industry.

*Data accurate at time of publication.