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Safelite Auto Glass Review

Safelite AutoGlass earned 4.4 out of 5.0 stars and our award for Widespread Availability
03/18/2023 08:23 PM
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Safelite offers auto glass repair and replacement services all across the U.S., so the company is often top-of-mind for many drivers. In our Safelite review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the company’s services, costs, and industry reputation.

Read on to learn how Safelite AutoGlass compares to other providers and to see why we gave it the Widespread Availability award in our 2022 study.

About Safelite AutoGlass

Founded in 1947, Safelite is the country’s largest glass service provider. The Columbus, Ohio-based company offers glass repairs and replacements in every state, making it an accessible choice for nearly all motorists.

What We Like About Safelite

In our 2022 study, Safelite picked up the award for Widespread Availability due to its presence in every single state. With over 700 Safelite repair facilities and more than 7,000 mobile repair shops, the company is likely to be an option for most drivers.

Safelite AutoGlass Pros & Cons

Pros Coverage across all 50 states In-store and mobile services Offers various products and services
Cons Mixed customer service reviews Mobile service isn’t available for all situations Next-day appointments aren’t always available

Safelite Auto Glass Services

Safelite offers an extremely wide selection of auto glass services. Below are a few that are regularly mentioned in Safelite reviews:

  • Windshield repairs and replacements
  • Back glass replacements
  • Side window replacements
  • Power window repairs
  • Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) calibration
  • Windshield wiper replacements

Note that Safelite does not offer sunroof repairs or replacements. You’ll also need to look elsewhere if you’re hoping to tint your vehicle’s glass.

Safelite Added Benefits

Safelite outlines a few more benefits as part of what it calls the Safelite Advantage™. These potential upsides include:

  • Stronger repairs with GlassHealer™ resin technology
  • Precise windshield installation with TrueSeal® technology
  • Warranty coverage at over 7,100 MobileGlassShops™
  • Online, 24/7 appointment booking

First-time customers often appreciate the ease of using the company’s mobile services, which made many feel more comfortable during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s easy for drivers to book these options online, according to positive Safelite reviews.

Safelite Mobile Services

While you can head to a body shop to have auto glass services performed, many drivers prefer to have Safelite technicians come to them. The company’s mobile repair teams mean that customers don’t need to drive to and from the shop or wait there for the work to be completed.

According to Safelite reviews, the company’s mobile technicians often get behind schedule. If it’s important for you to have the work completed by a certain time, you can pay a small fee to make sure that you’re the first stop on the technician’s schedule for the day.

Safelite Auto Glass Recycling

When you use Safelite to replace a broken windshield or another automotive glass panel, your old glass doesn’t go into the landfill. Instead, the company recycles old auto glass and turns it into fiberglass insulation and carpet backing. Safelite claims to have recycled 6.1 million windshields since 2012.

How To Use Safelite AutoGlass

You can always make a phone call to your local Safelite AutoGlass shop or visit the front desk of your closest location to receive services. Or, the company offers a streamlined way to get quotes and schedule appointments on its website. According to Safelite reviews, you just need to follow a few steps to get glass service for your car:

  1. Go to Safelite’s quote form on its website.
  2. Enter your car’s vehicle identification number (VIN) or the year, make, model, and style of the vehicle.
  3. Choose the location and severity of the damage. If you aren’t sure what to select, you can upload a photo for a technician to review before the appointment.
  4. Pay for the service yourself or work with an auto insurance company to cover the costs. If you choose to personally cover the repair, you’ll see a quote for the glass service.
  5. Choose whether to take your car to a Safelite store or to use the mobile service.
  6. Choose a date and time for the auto glass service to occur. According to the quotes we received from Safelite, it takes about 45 minutes for the company to repair a rock chip in the windshield and up to three hours to replace an entire windshield.

Safelite recommends that you don’t drive your car for at least one hour after the technician completes the glasswork. Keep this advice in mind when you schedule your appointment.

Auto Glass Repair Vs. Replacement

Some auto glass chips and cracks can be repaired and don’t require full replacement. In general, a crack larger than a dollar bill will require the windshield to be replaced. Technicians can typically fix most glass chips that are the size of a quarter or smaller.

For smaller cracks and chips, Safelite can use specialized resin and ultraviolet (UV) lights to repair the windshield. Keep in mind that damaged back and side windows can only be replaced.

Safelite Warranty

Safelite offers a lifetime warranty on all glass replacements, and it covers defects in materials or workmanship. The company asks that drivers report warranty issues within 30 days of noticing a problem to receive complimentary services. For example, Safelite will cover a replacement if you realize that a new car window is wavy and report it less than a month after the job.

The Safelite warranty doesn’t cover damages beyond defective glass itself. If you get a cracked windshield or a glass chip due to a new road hazard, that wouldn’t be covered under warranty.

Safelite Auto Glass Cost

In general, our reviews team found that Safelite is more expensive than many of its competitors. Based on Safelite reviews, the company’s services range from $130 for a single chip repair to between $300 and $500 for the cost to replace a windshield.

If your car has ADAS features like cameras connected to the windshield, Safelite will need to recalibrate those. This type of windshield replacement can cost $800 to $1,000 or more.

Mobile services cost slightly more than visiting the shop, according to Safelite reviews. You’ll generally pay between $15 and $30 more for a mobile appointment.

Safelite Auto Glass Service Prices

To get accurate estimates for this Safelite review, we reached out to the company for quotes on a few vehicles. Here are some of the prices we received:

Safelite Auto Glass Service2015 Honda Civic Glass Cost2018 Audi A6 Glass Cost2019 Ford F-150 Glass Cost
Repair one chip in windshield$129.99$129.99$129.99
Repair two chips in windshield$159.98$159.98$159.98
Repair three chips in windshield$184.97$184.97$184.97
Replace standard front windshield$409.99$489.99N/A
Replace front windshield and recalibrate ADAS featuresN/A$1,119.99$899.99
Replace back glass$389.99$549.99$379.99
Replace driver front window$379.99$409.99$609.99

Auto Glass Service Cost Factors

As you can see from the quote table above, the price of auto glass services varies for even the same jobs. That’s because there are several key elements that help to determine the cost of glass repairs and replacements. These factors include the following:

  • Type of vehicle: Your car’s year, make, model, and even trim level determine the replacement glass needed to complete the job. In general, glass replacements for luxury cars and other expensive vehicles cost more than those for more common cars.
  • Type of damage: Smaller chips and cracks can be repaired, while others require an expensive replacement. The type of damage can also change how difficult it is to remove broken glass, which affects the job’s cost.
  • Windshield technology: Windshields that incorporate ADAS and other safety features cost significantly more to replace. They also tend to require calibration, which is a service that comes with an additional fee.
  • Replacement glass type: Some companies use replacement glass made by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). This glass, which is usually offered at dealerships, is made to the exact specifications of the part it’s replacing but costs far more than aftermarket glass.
  • Your location: Market rates for auto glass services in your area and other local factors affect the amount you’ll pay.
  • Location of damage: Replacement glass for different panels varies in cost. A new windshield, for example, may cost more than rear glass depending on your vehicle.

Safelite Discounts

On its website, Safelite currently offers two coupons for discounts on auto glass services:

  • $45 off windshield replacement
  • $15 off windshield repair

To use these discounts, you must book your services through and use the codes provided. These discounts cannot be used for fleet services or combined with jobs covered under a car insurance claim.

Does Car Insurance Cover Broken Glass?

Auto insurance will take care of broken glass repairs or replacements, but only if you have the right coverage plan. To receive payments for auto glass services, you’ll need a “full coverage” policy that includes collision and comprehensive insurance.

  • Collision coverage: Covers auto glass damage resulting from a car accident regardless of who caused it
  • Comprehensive coverage: Covers window and windshield damage from nonaccident sources such as auto theft, vandalism, and severe weather such as flooding or hail

Your auto insurance card should list out the protections on your policy. If you don’t have full coverage, it’s worth talking to an agent to see how adding them could affect your premiums. Insurance experts recommend full coverage in most situations if drivers can afford it.

How To Use Car Insurance With Safelite

If you choose to work with an insurance company, Safelite can submit a claim to your insurer. To get the process started online, just indicate your provider, enter your policy number, and provide information on how the damage occurred. Safelite will verify your coverage and then you can schedule an appointment.

Since there are a few steps involved, Safelite lets you save your progress and come back later by entering a phone number or email address.

Which States Have Free Windshield Replacement?

Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina drivers receive free windshield replacements if they have comprehensive coverage. This means that those in need of auto glass services who currently carry comprehensive insurance will receive a free, zero-deductible windshield replacement.

In some states, you can get separate zero-deductible glass coverage. These states include:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New York

In other states, drivers will usually have to pay a car insurance deductible before collision or comprehensive coverage kicks in.

Safelite Reviews From Customers

Safelite currently has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and is accredited by the group. When it comes to customer reviews on the BBB, the company only gets 1.2 stars out of 5.0. Safelite receives a similarly low score on Trustpilot, where it earns 1.5 stars overall.

We found that review scores varied quite a bit between locations. While customer satisfaction scores for the company at large are important, make sure to strongly consider Safelite reviews for your individual glass shop.

Positive Safelite Reviews

Among positive reviews for Safelite AutoGlass, many people praised the company’s professional service and work quality. The following customer reviews are indicative of various positive comments we found for Safelite:

“The Safelite branch in Eastgate, Ohio, did a wonderful job. They were extremely accommodating. They were professional and did an excellent job. For a second, it reminded me of when businesses actually cared about their customers.”

– Jorda R. via BBB

“My Safelite technician was wonderful. He was able to be flexible with my schedule and he was very quick and efficient in replacing my windshield. His communication skills were also outstanding. My windshield looks amazing.”

– Rebecca A. via BBB

Negative Safelite Reviews

On the other hand, customers who reported negative experiences with Safelite often mentioned scheduling and communication issues related to dealing with the company’s call centers. These reviews reflect the patterns we found in negative Safelite reviews:

“I had an appointment between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. No communication all day. I had a missed call at 4:37 p.m. with no voicemail. The appointment was canceled and rescheduled for 12 days later.”

– Sebastien M. via BBB

“I have been stuck waiting for a month for this company to pay my provider. I finally paid over $1,300 out of pocket to avoid losing thousands more because I’m stuck here until my shop gets paid.”

– Joe H. via BBB

Safelite Reviews: Conclusion

Based on our research and after reading through hundreds of Safelite reviews, we give the company 4.4 out of 5.0 stars. The company’s availability and large service selection are some of its biggest strengths, as most people can get what they need from Safelite.

Safelite Review: Other Recommended Providers

Safelite tends to be one of the more expensive options for auto glass repair and replacement, so you could find cheaper services elsewhere. The best way to learn whether this is true comes by requesting quotes from various auto glass providers in your area. We’d also recommend checking out your service options from Glass Doctor and Glass America.

Glass Doctor: Best Overall Provider

Glass Doctor excelled across all categories in our 2022 auto glass study, leading our team to name it as the industry’s Best Overall Provider. The company offers a wide range of services across 45 states, and usually at competitive rates. Glass Doctor’s complimentary windshield protection plan covers chip and crack repairs for a year, along with one free replacement.

Keep reading: Glass Doctor reviews

Glass America: Most Services Offered

If the glass service you need is outside of the normal windshield repair and replacement job, it’s worth getting a quote from Glass America. The company offers one of the widest selections of services we found in our research. That means that motorists looking for highly specialized auto glass services can often find them at Glass America.

Safelite Reviews: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions that relate to Safelite reviews.

Is Safelite trustworthy?

Yes, Safelite is a trustworthy auto glass company with a history that spans over 70 years. The company has an A+ rating and accreditation from the BBB. Safelite reviews from customers are mixed depending on the location, so make sure to consider the score for your local shop.

Does Safelite use OEM or aftermarket?

Safelite uses aftermarket glass for most replacements. However, Safelite typically manufactures its own auto glass rather than sourcing glass from third-party manufacturers.

Who is Safelite’s biggest competitor?

In 2022, Safelite’s biggest competitors include, Glass Doctor, Glass America, and The company also faces competition from local auto glass providers in different markets across the U.S.

Does Safelite use its own glass?

In many cases, Safelite manufactures its own glass, which it claims will either meet or exceed OEM standards. On its website, the company says it also works with other suppliers.

Does windshield chip repair really work?

Windshield chip repair involves filing in a chip or crack with a special resin, hardening the resin with a UV light, and polishing the surface. Structurally, chip repair prevents the windshield from cracking further. Visually, you may still notice a slight blemish.

What is the best windshield replacement company?

After a thorough Safelite review in comparison to other industry leaders, we recommend Safelite as one of the best options for windshield replacements. Considering it offers mobile and in-store services in all 50 states, most drivers can get the help they need from Safelite.

How We Rate Auto Glass Providers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of auto glass providers. Numerous qualities contribute to the success of an auto glass company, and our team focuses on the ones that car owners indicate to be the most important. We thoroughly research each of the following categories to provide relevant, helpful, and objective reviews.

  • Cost: We requested quotes from auto glass providers and examined each company’s discounts to determine cost of services relative to averages for the market.
  • Services: Our team scored providers based on the variety and total number of services offered to customers.
  • Availability: We considered the geographic areas each provider serves as well as the number of locations it operates to assess the accessibility of services. 
  • Customer Experience: Our team read through hundreds of reviews and evaluated customer complaints to learn about each company’s customer service experience. 
  • Industry Reputation: We examined each provider’s rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and similar organizations to understand its reputation within the auto glass industry. 

*Data accurate at time of publication.