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Alliance RV Review

This independent RV manufacturer could be a great option for 5th wheel and toy hauler buyers.
03/22/2023 02:21 AM

When it comes to buying a recreational vehicle (RV), many head straight for the industry’s most established names. But others may be looking for something a little different. For those RVers, the startup manufacturer Alliance RV may be a good reason to get excited.

The brand is only in its third model year, but its more modern business model and approach to ensuring quality has already generated rave Alliance RV reviews and a huge buzz within the RV community.

To see if Alliance RV lives up to its hype, we conducted an in-depth review of the brand, examining its models, costs, build quality, and reputation within the industry and among customers alike. This Alliance RV review can help you decide if this unique startup is the right camper manufacturer for you compared to the best RV brands.

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Alliance RV Review: 4.3 Out Of 5.0 Stars

From its customer feedback-driven approach to its high testing standards, there is a lot that Alliance RV does right. The company has clearly thought through the designs and features of its fifth wheel, travel trailer, and toy hauler, sticking to RV design conventions where things work and departing from them where they don’t.

To be clear, you’ll still have issues with an Alliance RV as you would with any brand. The small–but growing–network of RV dealers may mean you will have a hard time finding somewhere close to purchase or service your RV. However, the founders of Alliance RV claim to want to raise the bar for campers after working for others in the RV industry. So far, it appears the founders have.

Pros Exceptional testing and inspection process Customer-driven approach Three-year structural warranty
Cons Limited brand history Small dealership network (for now) Only three models

Alliance RV Overview

After spending years as an RV industry executive, Brian Brady founded Alliance RV in 2019 with his sons Coley and Ryan. Based in the camper manufacturing hub of Elkhart, Indiana, the startup manufacturer is a distinct departure from the last decade of the RV industry in which a large number of companies consolidated under three major companies–Thor Industries, Forest River, and Winnebago.

There are several aspects of Alliance RV that make it unique. For starters, the company asks for feedback from customers on what they want to see in an RV and incorporates some of that feedback into its designs.

But it’s the company’s business model that truly sets it apart. Alliance RV promises one dealer per market, one product per price point, and no product cloning. This streamlined model is a radical departure from several RV industry norms and so far, it seems to be producing great results.

Alliance RV Cost

Compared to its competitors, Alliance RVs are in the middle of the price spectrum of their respective categories. The Alliance Avenue luxury fifth wheel starts at just over $80,000, placing it well below luxury brands like Grand Design and Redwood RV, but above more affordable brands like Forest River RV. Even its most expensive model, the Alliance Valor toy hauler still starts at just over $115,000.

Although these costs do fall towards the middle of the pack, Alliance is noted for customer-driven features that are usually associated with the top end of the spectrum. Amenities and features like smart TVs, a king bed and walk-in closet in the master suite, and a large kitchen island all come standard on models and floor plans that are more affordable than from comparable brands.

If you’re looking to save money, buying a used RV is a good way to go. With a used motorhome, the first owner has already taken care of any issues that came up after the sale. And you get to save with a depreciated value.

Alliance RV Models

ParadigmFifth wheel$101,483
ValorToy hauler$115,733
AvenueFifth wheel$80,097

Alliance RV Build Quality

Alliance RV is noted for its build quality–both in terms of the materials the company uses and the verification of its craftsmanship through rigorous testing. The manufacturer uses Azdel for its exterior panels, which many consider to be superior to Luan plywood seen in other RVs. Alliance produces all its RV frames with aluminum wrapped in reflective insulation, which makes for both superior structural strength and energy efficiency.

After only three model years, it’s a matter of “wait and see” when it comes to longevity. However, based on the ways in which Alliance ensures the quality of its builds, its RVs are more likely to hold up over time than not.

Alliance RV Inspection Process

When it comes to quality assurance, Alliance RV uses one of the most thorough inspection processes in the industry. Following an initial inspection, workers at the Alliance plant test drive every single RV around the company’s test track to see how the RV performs while in use. After the test drive, the team at the factory carries out another pre-delivery inspection before the vehicle leaves for the dealership.

This is above and beyond the normal inspection process of most brands and should offer buyers some peace of mind about their Alliance RV–especially when they’re RVing full-time thousands of miles away from home.

Alliance Warranty

Most major RV manufacturers package a one-year warranty with their campers. Some are starting to include warranties of two years or more with theirs. Alliance RVs come with a one-year limited warranty and a three-year structural warranty, tied for the longest in the industry.

Warranties are a good failsafe in the event something went wrong in the manufacturing or assembly process. But they’re also an indication of how confident a brand is in its products. This three-year warranty shows that Alliance is willing to stand behind the build quality of its RVs.

Alliance Customer Support

Alliance promotes its “customer-driven” approach heavily. Through its Facebook group, the company solicits comments and suggestions from the RV community on what design features and amenities they want. Alliance then selectively incorporates these features into its towable campers. This two-way relationship with its customers is unique in the RV industry.

The company also makes it easy to find contact information for its customer service and other departments on its website. You have the option to call or email support if you need help. A chat option would be nice, but so far the company doesn’t have one.

One drawback that comes with being a recent startup company, however, is that Alliance doesn’t yet have a large enough owner base to generate an active online community like many other brands have. Owner forums can be an invaluable source of information and advice for RV owners and the lack of one is a real disadvantage, for now.

Alliance RV Reviews And Ratings

The company’s short history means there aren’t yet many Alliance RV reviews online. On RVInsider, Alliance RV has a perfect 5.0 out of 5.0 stars, but from only two reviews.

Most of the long-form Alliance RV reviews on various blogs around the internet are exceedingly positive about the brand. Many of them tout how well thought-out the models are and laud features like the campers’ enormous windows and efficient heating and air conditioner systems.

Complaints about the company’s campers are difficult to find. However, given that the brand has only been around for a short time and that many bloggers receive compensation for the articles they write from the brands they write about, it’s probably good to be skeptical of Alliance RV reviews until there are more of them to compare.

Alliance RV Review: Is It Worth The Money?

Everything we saw and read during the research for this Alliance RV review suggests that the campers are well worth their price tag. The startup manufacturer already has a reputation for quality and backs that reputation up with both an industry-best inspection and testing process as well as the industry’s longest warranty. For towable RVs in the middle of the price range of their categories, that seems to be an exceptional value.

Some RV buyers–especially first-time RV buyers–may want the security of a time-tested brand and the support network offered by a large online owner base. If these things are important to you, you may want to look elsewhere. But for people willing to take a chance on a new brand seeking to disrupt the industry, an Alliance RV is definitely worth a look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes Alliance RV?

Unlike many of its competitors, Alliance RV is an independently owned and operated RV manufacturer. It does not have a parent company or any subsidiaries.

Does Alliance RV make a travel trailer?

Alliance RV currently only offers two fifth wheel RVs and a toy hauler in its products. However, the company does say that it plans to add a travel trailer to its portfolio in the future.

Does Alliance RV offer full body paint?

Alliance RV offers full body paint as an option on its Valor model. But it does not offer a full-body option on its Avenue or Paradigm models.

Where are Alliance RVs manufactured?

Alliance manufactures all of its RVs at its own factory in Elkhart, Indiana. Elkhart is also the location of the company’s headquarters.

*Data accurate at time of publication.