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Cheap Pickup Truck Rental

In 2023, you can find the best deals for a cheap pickup truck rental with U-Haul, Turo, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, Home Depot, and Lowe’s.
06/21/2023 07:22 PM

We’ve reviewed the best rental car companies in the industry and this article will highlight our picks for the cheapest pickup truck rentals here. We’ll also let you know how much it costs to rent a pickup truck and how to get the best rental car rates.

Best Place For a Cheap Pickup Truck Rental

From our research, the cheapest pickup truck rental is offered by Uhaul with a daily rental cost of $19.95. Turo, Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, Home Depot, and Lowes offer competitive rates for pickup truck rentals as well.

Best Prices for Pickup Truck Rentals

Below we have highlighted the places with the best prices for pickup truck rentals. To help you compare, we have provided their daily and weekly rates along with whether they provide unlimited mileage:

Pickup Truck Rental ProviderAverage Daily RatesAverage Weekly Rates
U-Haul$19.95 $139.65
Budget$81.14 $567.98
Hertz$82.78 $965.75
Enterprise$92.53 $682.31
Home Depot$119.00 $903.00
Lowes$129.00 $903.00

*These quotes were received for pickups from the Orlando, Dallas Fort Worth, and Los Angeles airports two weeks before the rental period. Rates are current as of 5/1/23 and include fees and taxes.

Cheapest Pickup Truck Rental Companies

While U-Haul can be a cheap pickup truck rental option, it does not provide the best rates in all situations. For instance, if you only need a pickup truck rental for a very short time, a home improvement store may suit you better. If you are looking for a towing package for high mileage, another agency may provide better services for your needs.

To help you make a decision, we have provided information below about each of our top picks for the cheapest pickup truck rentals.


Daily Pickup Truck Rental Rates: $19.95

No one beats U-Haul for cheap pickup truck rentals if you don’t have far to travel. The company charges $19.95 per day and around $0.79 per mile for pickup truck rentals. You have two truck options: an eight-foot bed with a standard cab or a short bed with an extended cab. Obviously, mileage is a big factor in how affordable U-Haul can be. Putting 300 miles on the odometer for a bigger move will add $207 to the cost, for instance.

One nice thing about U-Haul is that all its trucks come with a hitch installed. That means you can tow a boat, motorcycle trailer, car trailer, and more with a truck from U-Haul.


Average Daily Pickup Truck Rental Rates: $58.67

It’s always worth checking to see what you’ll find on Turo, the world’s largest car-sharing marketplace. With cheap pickup truck rentals well below $100 per day, you may save money by renting from a member of your local community.

Our team was able to find rates for pickups in Portland, Oregon, that ranged from $41 to $284 per day, though most listings were between $45 and $80 per day. The $250 daily rate was for a brand-new TRD Offroad Toyota Tacoma loaded with all the bells and whistles.


Average Daily Pickup Truck Rental Rates: $82.78

Hertz pickup truck rental rates in Orlando start around $78 per day for a Nissan Frontier or $82 per day for a Dodge Ram 1500 with the pay now option. These rates make Hertz a good option for multi-day moves.

The company offers a few different pickup truck options with its standard rental car fleet. These include the Nissan Frontier, Dodge Ram 1500, and Ford F-250. Availability varies by location and pickup date, so you might not have all of these to choose from. 


Average Daily Pickup Truck Rental Rates: $81.14

Budget is one of the best agency options for renting a pickup truck. You can get a midsize model like a Toyota Tacoma for around $99.99 per day or a full-size truck like a RAM Rebel for $154.99 per day (these apply to renting a truck in Orlando about two weeks in advance). Budget is available in many metro areas across the country.

As we mentioned earlier, Budget Truck is a division of the company that offers cargo van rentals and box trucks, not pickup trucks.


Average Daily Pickup Truck Rental Rates: $97.42

The Enterprise standard rental site allows you to rent midsize and full-size pickup trucks like the Chevrolet Colorado or Ford F-150 for about $95 per day. These rates apply to neighborhood locations in Orlando–rates vary by location and demand.

Like Budget, Enterprise has a separate division called Enterprise Truck Rental for moving services. But unlike Budget, Enterprise does offer pickup trucks in this division. You can get a variety of pickups from Enterprise Truck Rental including:

  • 3/4-ton pickup like a GMC Sierra 2500
  • One-ton pickup like a Ford F-350 Super Duty
  • Stake bed trucks from 12 to 26 feet
  • One-ton Ford F-350 with a utility service bed

Availability is limited by pickup location. You can book a GMC Sierra online but you’ll need to call ahead for other truck availability. In Orlando, the GMC Sierra costs $95 per day.

Enterprise Truck Rental also allows you to tow with its 3/4 ton pickups and larger, but you can’t with a truck reserved through a normal Enterprise rental car location. Enterprise allows you to tow with these models but you’ll pay a fee of $25 per day.


Daily Pickup Truck Rental Rates: $119.00

Some Lowe’s locations offer Chevrolet Silverado 1500s for rent. Lowe’s charges $19 for the first 90 minutes and $5 every 15 minutes after that (or $20 per hour). A four-hour rental costs $49, and a daily rental costs $119.

These trucks have eight-foot beds with regular cabs that accommodate three people. The trucks can haul up to one ton of material. Lowe’s also provides roadside assistance in case you break down. The company also allows you to use your own towing hitch with their trucks.

Like Home Depot’s trucks, you can’t reserve a truck from Lowe’s online. You’ll need to locate a store near you that offers rental trucks and call for availability.

Home Depot

Daily Pickup Truck Rental Rates: $129.00

Home Depot charges $19 for the first 75 minutes and about $25 per hour after that for pickups. You’ll pay rates of $129 per day and $903 per week for longer rentals.

Home Depot is a great option if you have a quick move in town. It’s also a no-brainer if you want to transport materials or tools from Home Depot to a fixer-upper you’re working on. With Home Depot’s Load ‘N Go Rentals, you can get a flatbed Ford F-250 with 77 cubic feet of cargo space or a flatbed Ford T-250 with 200 cubic feet of space.

Home Depot also allows you to get a towing package with its Ford F-250 flatbed trucks, but you can only get a trailer hitch if you also get towable equipment from Home Depot. This means you need to rent a trailer from Home Depot to even get a hitch on the truck.

How Much is it to Rent a Pickup Truck?

According to our rate analysis, pickup truck rentals cost around $92.86 per day on average or around $651.31 weekly. It should be noted that this is just an average and the rates you will receive depend on the timing of your rental, the pickup size, the location you rent from, and the company you choose.

Where Can I Rent a Pickup Truck for Cheap?

You find a cheap pickup truck rental from most major rental companies or online comparison sites, but the company that is best depends on your situation. For example, if you just have to move an appliance across town, you can get a cheap hourly rental from a home improvement store. But if you need to move your child into a dorm room or transport bulky items over a weekend, you may want to look into a rental agency like Enterprise.

What Do I Need to Rent a Pickup Truck?

No matter where you choose to rent a pickup truck, renters need to be at least 21 years old (or 18 in New York and Michigan) to make a reservation. Most companies will also require a credit card and charge a security deposit or authorization hold. The amount can be a couple of hundred dollars or more depending on the company.

How to Rent a Cheap Pickup Truck

If you are looking to get the cheapest pickup truck rental rates follow these guidelines:

  • Shop around through both airport and neighborhood locations
  • Play around with the dates to see when renting a truck is the most affordable
  • If you can manage, book a car rental last minute for the best deals
  • Don’t get add-ons for your vehicle
  • Book with a credit card for cheaper rental costs
  • Prepay for pickup truck rentals for the best possible prices
List of things drivers can do to get the cheapest rental car costs possible, with accompanying images

Cheap Pickup Truck Rentals: Conclusion

You don’t need to own a pickup truck to haul heavy furniture around town or get your home improvement project going. Depending on the hours or days you need, consider calling your local home improvement stores, shopping from U-Haul, or comparing rental agencies like Enterprise and Hertz. Shop around with plenty of time to find cheap pickup truck rentals.

Cheapest Pickup Truck Rental: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions related to cheap pickup truck rentals:

Who offers cheap pickup truck rentals?

The companies that offer the cheapest pickup truck rentals include U-Haul, Turo Hertz, Budget, Enterprise, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. While these rental agencies offer affordable pricing on pickups, your rates will vary due to location and timing.

What is the cheapest pickup truck rental with unlimited miles?

Hertz has the cheapest pickup truck rentals with unlimited miles with an average cost of around $71 per day. However, the price your received depends heavily on the location your rent from, the type of pickup, and the timing of when you book

Where can I rent a pickup truck for cheap?

You can get cheap pickup truck rentals from companies like Uhaul, Enterprise, Hertz, and Budget. Home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes also offer some of the cheapest rates for a pickup truck rental.

What is the price of a pickup truck rental?

Most pickup truck rentals typically cost anywhere from $65-$100 daily on average, though this can vary greatly depending on availability and demand. There are a few cheaper options as well–U-Haul charges $19.95 per day plus $0.69 per mile. You can also get hourly pickup rentals from some Home Depot and Lowe’s locations, among other home improvement stores.

What are the benefits of renting a pickup truck?

Renting a pickup truck lets you move heavy objects or even move a small apartment or dorm without needing a full box truck. You can also rent pickup trucks to move building or landscaping materials to keep your home improvement project on track.