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To meet the people need for passenger cars special big rig semi trucks are adapted to transport vehicles using mainly two-tiered semi trailers and transporting vehicles all around America and Canada

ShipLux Reviews

We rated ShipLux 3.7 stars because of their excellent car shipping services. There prices may not be the best but read more to see if they are right for you.

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09/30/2023 03:42 PM

Of the many vehicle movers in the United States, few offer the same range of services as ShipLux. Whether you need to ship a Nissan to New York or a tractor to Thailand, ShipLux says the company can make it happen. But how does ShipLux compare to the country’s best car shipping companies?

We took an in-depth look at ShipLux to see how the car shipping broker’s prices, services, ratings, and reviews measure up to the competition. This is what we learned.

ShipLux Review

ShipLux makes some big promises. Being able to ship “any vehicle anywhere” is certainly an advantage. For people shipping specialty vehicles like exotic or antique cars, having options specifically for that purpose can be huge. Our team also liked the driveaway service as an option for people who want the highest level of service possible.

But a low number of reviews online and a frustrating quote experience make it hard to know whether the company can live up to its lofty promises. The rate we were quoted for a simple cross-country move was also high, even for enclosed shipping.

We feel comfortable recommending ShipLux if your shipping needs are very specific and outside what other companies can offer. For customers who need to ship cars internationally or have prize automobiles that need “white glove service,” ShipLux could be a great option. For everything else, you’ll probably find better rates (and perhaps a better experience) elsewhere.

Review CategoryRatings Score
Customer Experience3.8
Overall Rating3.7

Is ShipLux Legit?

Yes, ShipLux is a legit car shipping provider. Based in Miami, they began operating in 2018. The company emphasizes its ability to accommodate a wide range of vehicle transportation needs. ShipLux promises “white glove service” for shipping everything, including:

  • Golf carts
  • Heavy equipment
  • RVs
  • Utility task vehicles (UTVs)
  • Motorcycles

ShipLux can also accommodate just about any shipping location. It offers shipping to and from Hawaii and Alaska, as well as the rest of the country and Canada. You can also use ShipLux to move your vehicle outside of North America since the company says it takes care of international shipments between any two countries.

ShipLux Pros And Cons

Pros International shipping options Driveaway shipping service Ships alternative vehicles
Cons Quote request returned a quote for the incorrect service Expensive compared to industry averages No instant quote available

ShipLux Customer Reviews

Compared to some other car shipping companies, ShipLux has relatively few reviews online. That’s not entirely surprising, considering how young the company is. But that low number of reviews may steer potential customers away from the provider.

ShipLux BBB

ShipLux has an overall solid reputation within the car shipping industry. While it’s not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), it does have an A- rating from the organization.

Customer reviews online for ShipLux are, for the most part, positive. The company has an average rating of 3.9 out of 5.0 stars in the BBB’s customer review section. However, that’s based on about 15 reviews. ShipLux also has an average customer review rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 stars on Google, where the company has more than 200 reviews.

Positive ShipLux Reviews

While there weren’t many ShipLux reviews to be found, comments from satisfied customers do show patterns. Most of these reviews mention how helpful ShipLux agents were and how accommodating the company was of different shipping needs.

These quotes are indicative of the positive ShipLux reviews we saw:

“Wonderful company to deal with. Shipped my Porsche from California to Florida without any issues. [Agent] provided me with updates throughout the shipping process.”

– Sierra via BBB

“I shipped my three classic cars with ShipLux from Canada to Florida. Everything went perfect and stress free. I give them an A+ and will most definitely use them again.”

– Denise via BBB

ShipLux Complaints

Not every customer is satisfied with their shipping experience, though. In most of the complaints we read, customers mention mix-ups with car carriers.

These quotes reflect the sentiments of the negative ShipLux reviews we found:

“Shipped Porsche race car from Florida to Utah and agreed to a small, three-car enclosed vehicle. Vehicle arrived in an open transport multi-car filthy and with no sensible way to unload it safely. Paid additional fee to another company to unload and detail.”

– Phil via BBB

“They had a tow truck company land in my yard without notice they were coming and were over a month late. The car was supposed to be delivered on September 15. They didn’t show up until October 18, unannounced.”

– RJ via BBB

ShipLux Shipping Cost

Like most auto transport companies, ShipLux doesn’t publish rates on its website. As a car shipping broker, the company doesn’t calculate its own rates. Instead, it sources rates from trucking companies and dispatchers.

We tried sourcing a quote to ship a 2018 Subaru Impreza from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Los Angeles–a distance of 2,540 miles. We requested a quote for open shipping. The quote we got was for an enclosed trailer at a total of $2,495.

ShipLux Online Quote Experience

There is no quote calculator or instant quote tool available on the ShipLux website. Instead, you request a car shipping quote online. After you provide the information below, you’ll have to wait for a representative to respond.

  • Pickup and delivery locations
  • Vehicle
  • Phone number
  • Email address

In addition to being frustrated that we were given a quote for the wrong service, we found that the amount we were quoted is well above industry averages for that shipment. It’s important to mention that ShipLux promises that your estimate is what you’ll pay. But even if other companies add fees, you’re still likely to find more affordable options elsewhere.

Average Shipping Costs

Shipping rates vary widely from shipment to shipment and from carrier to carrier. To help you get an idea of what you might pay for car shipping, here are some average transport rates from uShip, which works with over 40,000 active carriers:

  • Average cost per mile, under 200 miles: $2.92
  • Average cost per mile, over 1,000 miles: 78 cents
  • Average car shipping cost overall: $500–$1,000

ShipLux Car Shipping Cost Factors

While distance is the primary factor in your car shipping costs, it’s not the only one. Auto carriers use a number of variables to determine how much they charge for auto shipping. If you’re looking for cheap car shipping, consider which factors are important to you.

Here are some of the main factors that affect auto transport costs:

  • Shipping options: You can save money by shipping your car in an open container instead of an enclosed one, but you’ll also be at a greater risk for damage.
  • Shipping time frame: Flexibility with your pickup and delivery dates will get you the cheapest rates. If you rush your shipment, it will cost significantly more.
  • Cost of fuel: Fuel is the main cost for truckers. Expect shipping rates to go up and down along with fuel prices.
  • Time of year: Car shipping demand reaches its peak in the summer. Late fall and early winter are usually the cheapest times to ship a car.
  • Vehicle type: SUVs and other large vehicles cost more to ship than smaller ones. More expensive cars usually cost more to ship than cheaper ones as well.
  • Vehicle condition: Most carriers charge an additional fee to ship a motor vehicle that is inoperable.

ShipLux Car Shipping Services

The company’s large selection of transport services is a point of pride for ShipLux. Its website claims the company can send “any vehicle anywhere in the world.” Based on the company’s service offerings, that’s hard to dispute.

Here are the shipping options you have with ShipLux:

  • International shipping: ShipLux says it can help you move your car from any country to any other country.
  • Alternative vehicle shipping: You can ship all types of vehicles with ShipLux, including golf carts and heavy equipment.
  • Open shipping: An open car carrier is the cheaper way to ship your car, but it also leaves your car exposed to potential damage.
  • Enclosed transport: Shipping your car in an enclosed trailer costs more money but keeps it protected.
  • Exotic car shipping: You can get extra care for expensive, exotic vehicles, usually at an additional cost.
  • Classic car shipping: If you need to take additional precautions to ship a classic or antique car, you can use the company’s antique auto shipping service.
  • Door-to-door shipping: ShipLux doesn’t offer terminal-to-terminal shipping. Door-to-door is the only choice for the company.

Driveaway Service

One of the more interesting options with ShipLux is its driveaway service. Carriers usually transport multiple cars at once and make several pickups and deliveries along the way, trying to maximize their routes. Sometimes, they even employ multiple drivers. But with driveaway service, you’ll get a dedicated driver who transports your car alone directly from the pickup location to the delivery location.

Since only your car is being shipped, it won’t face the risk of damage from being moved or jostled like when multiple cars are transported together. Additionally, this option is the fastest way to ship your car with ShipLux.

ShipLux Auto Transport: Conclusion

In this review, we rated ShipLux 3.7 out of 5.0 stars. They have great shipping services and an above average customer experience, but they are let down by their pricing. If you don’t think ShipLux is right for you, below are some of their competitors.

ShipLux Competitors

If ShipLux isn’t the right fit for you, you’ve got plenty of other options to consider. We always recommend getting free quotes from shipping providers so you can compare and find the best rates for you. Montway Auto Transport and Easy Auto Ship are great places to start your search.

Montway Auto Transport: 4.6 Stars

Montway Auto Transport topped our list of the best car shipping companies of 2024, and our team named the company Best Reputation. According to our research, Montway offers the best combination of affordable rates, strong customer support, and an easy shipping process.

The company also has a strong reputation with both industry pros and customers. The BBB has accredited Montway Auto Transport and gives it an A+ rating. Customers on the site give it an average of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.

You can learn the ins and outs of the provider in our full Montway Auto Transport review.

Montway Auto Transport Best Reputation
BBB Rating : A+ Phone : 844-601-0286 Coverage : 50 states
Pros & Cons
Pros Strong reputation, customer satisfaction, and industry ratings Carrier vetting Large network of 30,000+ carriers Offers expedited delivery Competitive pricing Cons No real-time tracking or mobile-app; must contact company for tracking info No guaranteed pricing $249 cancellation fee No specialty shipping services for recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, trailers, or other watercraft Intrusive Pop-up Ads

Montway Auto Transport is a reputable auto transport broker offering several car shipping services and cheap car shipping rates. We named it the Best Reputation car shipping company for 2024.

Easy Auto Ship: 4.4 Stars

Easy Auto Ship is another outstanding car shipping provider. The company promises no hidden fees after you’ve signed your shipping contract, which counters a frequent complaint about other providers. Customers consistently praise the company’s low rates and broad range of shipping options.

The BBB and customers on the BBB site seem to agree on Easy Auto Ship. In the customer review section, the company has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. The BBB as an organization has given Easy Auto Ship accreditation and an A+ rating.

Check out our Easy Auto Ship review for a more in-depth look at the provider.

Easy Auto Ship Best For Locked-In Rates
BBB Rating : A+ Phone : 844-825-6207 Coverage : 50 states
Pros & Cons
Pros Guaranteed pricing from quotes Inexpensive car shipping rates Simple and streamlined booking process Free rental car if shipment takes more than two weeks Cons No 24/7 customer assistance No way to track shipments

Our team rates Easy Auto Ship 4.3 out of 5.0 stars and recognizes it for having the Best Added Benefits for 2022. The company is highly rated, and customers consistently praise Easy Auto Ship for its affordability, guaranteed car shipping quotes, and easy shipping process.

ShipLux: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about ShipLux:

Is ShipLux a reputable company?

Yes, ShipLux is a reputable company that connects customers with carriers for vehicle shipping. It has an A- rating from the BBB, along with an average  customer review rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 stars on the BBB website.

Is ShipLux a broker?

Yes, ShipLux is a fully licensed auto transport broker. The company is registered with USDOT under Broker MC #92282 and USDOT #3129383.

Which days is ShipLux open?

You can reach representatives at ShipLux 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Agents are available by phone, online chat, or WhatsApp.

How We Rate Auto Shippers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of car shipping companies. While there are multiple qualities that make an auto transport provider successful, our review team focuses on those we believe are the most important for consumers:

  • Cost: Cost can be difficult to compare between providers because so many factors impact auto shipping rates. To determine our cost score, we perform a secret shopper analysis for a variety of vehicles and routes.
  • Services: Our team of experts looks at the types of services available, as well as insurance coverage and the ability to guarantee pickup and drop-off dates. Ratings also take into account whether the transport company is a broker or a carrier.
  • Reputation: It’s important that a car shipping provider is able to deliver your vehicle in a safe and timely manner. Companies with a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) score well in this category. Established providers with a long history of reliable service also receive positive marks.
  • Customer Experience: We comb through consumer reviews on sites like the BBB to learn about customer experiences. Car transport companies with a low volume of complaints score well in this area.

*Data accurate at time of publication.