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Best Websites To Sell Your Car

The best websites to sell your car are, Carvana, and CarMax for new vehicles in good condition, or Peddle and Copart for old or junk cars.

From our top provider, Peddle


03/02/2024 12:50 AM

The Gist:

  •, Carvana, and CarMax are excellent choices for selling newer vehicles with low mileage and minimal damage.
  • If you want cash for a vehicle that is old, inoperable, junk or high-mileage, you can get a quote from Peddle or Copart, as both specialize in these types of cars.
  • Private marketplace websites like Facebook, eBay Motors, or Craiglist give you more control over the selling process but may carry higher risks and require more time.

Whether you’re making room for a new car or just want an old one gone, selling your car online can get the job done with as little hassle as possible. The best car selling websites not only make instant offers for vehicles from junk to new condition, but many will even pick your car up free of charge. 

In this review, we look at the best websites to sell a car, including those that work best for selling new vehicles and those that offer the most money for older cars. We’ll also look at some well-known private marketplace platforms and discuss our top picks for best car selling companies.

Best Websites To Sell Your Car: Ranking

Our team researched the leading car selling company websites. We rated all providers based on industry standing, vehicle offer value, support services, and customer experience. The five below are our top picks for the best sites to sell your car online:

WebsiteOur AwardOverall Rating
1. Cars.comBest Option Selection4.5
2. CarvanaBest All-in-One Process4.4
3. PeddleBest for Older Vehicles4.4
4. CarMaxBest Value4.3
5. CopartBest for Quick Payments4.3


Years in business: 25
Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: A+
Why we like Access to dealer offers and private buyers plus competitive offers for used vehicles is a preferred option for selling vehicles with a model year of 2000 or newer. Sellers can get an instant offer or list their car on the company’s online marketplace. 

The instant offer tool requires details such as your license plate number, vehicle identification number (VIN), or make and model. With, phone number verification is necessary, whereas other platforms typically send offers via email. If satisfied with the quote, sellers can visit a nearby participating dealer for an in-person car inspection. Based on inspection, sellers may receive a check on the spot, making the process swift and convenient.

In terms of value, is competitive. Here’s a cost analysis comparing offers to Kelley Blue Book (KBB) trade-in values: OfferKBB Value Trade-In Value
2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab$14,075 to $16,175$14,573
2015 Toyota Camry$9,925 to $12,025$10,591

Combined with the company’s private seller marketplace, these competitive offers make a great choice for sellers looking for top-dollar for their vehicles. 

2. Carvana

Years in business: 11
BBB rating: NR
Why we like Carvana: High offers for used cars plus an all-in-one selling, trade-in, and buying site 

Carvana, an online dealership, has become a household name for its service allowing owners to sell cars from home and even have a new one delivered to their doorstep. Carvana stands out for offering higher valuations for vehicles, as evidenced by offers that exceeded the KBB trade-in values on specific car models. Here’s how it stacked up: 

VehicleCarvana OfferKBB Trade-In Value
2015 Ford F-150 SuperCab$18,576$14,573
2015 Toyota Camry$11,860$10,591

Although its offers are competitive, Carvana has received some complaints from customers who bought cars. Some customers reported issues such as inaccurate disclosures of vehicle condition or history and unsatisfactory customer service interactions, as cited in BBB reviews.

Still, many customers reported positive experiences, underscoring Carvana’s reputation as a convenient and competitive platform for selling cars online. Its high car valuations and the ease of the selling process are significant draws for potential sellers considering Carvana.

3. Peddle

Years in business: 19
BBB rating: A+
Why we like Peddle: Offers for high-mileage or junk vehicles

Peddle has purchased over 2 million vehicles nationwide and specializes in buying old, high-mileage, and junk vehicles. Sellers can receive an instant cash offer within minutes through Peddle’s and schedule a pickup in as little as a day. The driver who collects the car will hand over a check on the spot making for a swift and hassle-free transaction.

Offers from Peddle remain valid for seven days, allowing sellers to consider their options before finalizing a deal. Here are two instant cash offer examples:

VehicleConditionPeddle Offer
1998 Chevy Suburban C1500250,000 miles
with some body damage
2003 Honda Accord LX250,000 miles
but in decent condition

Customer feedback underscores Peddle’s reliability, with over 128,000 reviews on Trustpilot, 84 percent of which are above four stars. The company also boasts a 4.7-star customer rating on the BBB.

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4. CarMax 

Years in business: 30
BBB rating: A
Why we like CarMax: High offers for vehicles in good condition plus hundreds of locations nationwide

CarMax operates online and has stores nationwide. You can generate an offer from CarMax online based on your vehicle information, including your car’s VIN or license plate number. However, the company may require an in-person vehicle inspection.

Offers from CarMax tend to be higher than trade-in value estimates by KBB, for example:

VehicleCarMax OfferKBB Trade-In Value
2017 Kia Sportage$11,400$11,135

CarMax buys cars directly, meaning you won’t pay third-party fees. Offers are valid for up to seven days, and the company pays on the spot once it has confirmed your vehicle details and you accept its offer. 

As a note, CarMax will only pick up vehicles sold near one of its store locations. Otherwise, you’ll need to drive your vehicle to the store to complete the sale.

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5. Copart

Years in business: 42
BBB rating: A+
Why we like Copart: Fast offers for older, inoperable vehicles

Copart is an online vehicle auction company. Copart makes instant offers to consumers and works with businesses that buy or sell cars. The company and its subsidiary,, will accept and make offers on vehicles in any condition, including junk or salvage vehicles.

In some cases, Copart’s offers are lower than those from Peddle and other junk-buying companies:

VehicleConditionCopart Offer
1998 Chevy Suburban C1500250,000 miles
with some body damage
2003 Honda Accord LX250,000 miles
but in decent condition

Information was unavailable about how long a Copart offer is good for but at, the terms and conditions explain an offer to buy your car is valid for a “limited time.” Copart pays sellers quickly and offers free vehicle pickup as part of its car selling service.

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For most people selling a car online for the first time, their instinct is to use familiar marketplaces like the ones below. While these websites certainly come with benefits, some of their features may be behind those of dedicated car selling websites. 

eBay Motors

Selling a car on eBay Motors is a streamlined, user-friendly experience. Sellers can easily create and customize listings, benefiting from the platform’s vast global reach. The interface allows for quick uploads of photos and car details, with options for auction or fixed-price selling formats. 

Communication with prospective buyers goes through a secure messaging system, and the platform’s Vehicle Purchase Protection program will reimburse buyers in cases of fraud. The post-sale process is supported by a feedback system and customer service, making eBay Motors an efficient and reliable platform for selling vehicles online.

Facebook Marketplace

Selling a car on Facebook Marketplace largely connects you to local buyers. Users can swiftly create listings with images and details. Direct communication is facilitated via Facebook Messenger and immediate notifications aid responsiveness. The platform’s organic reach is enhanced by easy sharing options on the social network and the listing marketplace fosters a community-centric, transparent, and secure trading environment.

Transactions are typically conducted in person with various mutually agreed-upon payment options. The blend of social media reach and localized focus makes selling a car on Facebook Marketplace an accessible and convenient option, but there are some risks and challenges. Be on the lookout for scams, catfishers and other issues when using this platform.


Considered a private sale, selling a car on Craigslist allows owners to use the platform’s basic interface to create and customize listings, which target local buyers for more direct, in-person transactions. Communication works via phone or anonymized email, offering either privacy or direct dealing. 

While listing fees are low, sellers should exercise caution due to the platform’s minimal oversight and potential for scams. The simplicity, directness, and cost-effectiveness of Craigslist make it a viable option for private sellers who prefer a more hands-on selling experience and are vigilant about security.

Choosing The Best Website To Sell Your Car

The digital landscape offers a variety of online platforms to sell your car online. Choosing the right one ensures your sale will be smooth, fast, and profitable. 

While private buyer marketplaces are often the best way to get the highest asking price, a car dealership or online car selling company is a great way to sell an old car for a reasonable amount and do so quickly. Here’s a guide to help you navigate your options and select the best website tailored to your needs.

Consider Your Target Audience

Each website attracts a different type of buyer. Platforms like eBay Motors are globally recognized, attracting a diverse audience, while Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist focus on local buyers. Other car selling sites might buy and sell vehicles and make you a direct offer. 

Evaluate The Fees And Charges

Understand the cost implications. While some platforms like Facebook Marketplace offer free listings, others like eBay Motors and might charge a fee.

Seller Experience

Look for car selling sites with user-friendly interfaces that make the listing process seamless. Carvana is renowned for its simple and quick process, for example. Also, if you don’t want to invest a lot of time in the vehicle sale, consider or Peddle for their instant quote services, which can speed up both your research and the sale. 

Security And Support

Consider the safety protocols and customer support of the platform. Websites with robust security measures and responsive support can enhance the selling experience by reducing the risk of scammers or fraud.

Valuation And Offers

Websites like Carvana often offer higher valuations for your car, but it’s essential to compare these with standard benchmarks like the Kelley Blue Book to ensure you get the best offer for your vehicle. Remember, car dealers will typically offer less than market value for a car because these companies intend to resell the vehicle. Private buyers tend to offer the most for cars on average.


Some online car selling companies pay instantly by check or cash when the vehicle is picked up or dropped off. For some, there may be a processing delay for direct deposit or bank transfer. Always confirm the payment method and terms before selling your vehicle online.

How To Prepare For Selling Your Car Online

Selling your car online requires a blend of preparation and strategic presentation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your car ready for the online market.

  1. Clean And Detail Your Car
    First impressions count. Ensure the interior and exterior of your car are thoroughly cleaned. Consider professional detailing to enhance aesthetic appeal.
  2. Take High-Quality Photos
    Capture clear, high-resolution photos from multiple angles, including the interior, exterior, engine, and any specific features or damages. Good imagery can significantly boost your listing’s attractiveness, and car enthusiasts or classic car buyers will want to see the features that make your car valuable.
  3. Gather All Necessary Documents
    Have all the essential paperwork ready, including the car title, maintenance records, and any other relevant documents to facilitate a smooth transaction.
  4. Determine Your Car’s Value
    Use resources like KBB to estimate your car’s market value. Setting your price within a reasonable range helps attract buyers while still being profitable for you.
  5. Craft An Appealing Description
    Provide a detailed and honest description of your car. Include the make, model, mileage, condition, and any additional features or modifications. Transparency builds trust with potential buyers. Be honest about any problems or damages your vehicle has, as any buyer–whether it’s a private one, a dealership, or a car selling company–may reduce their offer or walk away entirely if they’re surprised by the damage in-person.
  6. Get A Vehicle History Report
    If you’re listing your vehicle for sale to a private party, offer prospective buyers access to a Carfax vehicle history report. This report can help speed up the car buying process by showing when the vehicle was serviced and why. It’s also another way of building trust with buyers.
  7. Choose The Right Platform
    Based on your car’s make, model, and condition, choose a platform that aligns with your selling goals. Consider factors like audience reach, fees, and user experience.
  8. Decide Whether You Want To Haggle
    Buyers may want to negotiate the asking price. Be ready to hold firm or, if you’re flexible, know your price range before engaging the buyer.
  9. Prepare For Inquiries And Negotiations
    Be ready to answer questions from potential buyers about the condition of your car and prepare to negotiate. Have a plan if the buyer wants to test drive the vehicle. Prompt and professional responses can enhance the buyer’s confidence and expedite the sale. If you’re selling to a private buyer, make sure to meet in a public location and secure a safe payment transaction. Don’t hand over the keys until you have your payment.

Best Websites To Sell Your Car: Our Take

There’s plenty of choice for owners to sell their cars before buying a new one. Some websites will offer instant quotes while others make it simple to list your car for sale on a marketplace. You can even sell a scrap or junk car online. Be careful sharing personal information and make sure you understand terms and conditions before accepting an offer.   

Best Websites To Sell Your Car: FAQ

We cover some of the most frequently asked questions about the best websites to sell your car below: 

Where can I sell my car online for the best price?

If you’re selling a newer vehicle in good condition, our team recommends selling your vehicle through makes offers above KBB value and boasts an excellent industry reputation. Our research showed that Peddle made the highest offers for older or junk vehicles.

Can I sell a junk car online?

Yes, online car selling companies like Peddle and Copart will buy old, high-mileage, inoperable, or junk vehicles. Keep in mind that some companies will offer towing as part of the vehicle purchase, while others may require you to move the car to complete the sale.

How We Rate Car Selling Platforms

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of online platforms to sell your car. While multiple qualities make a car selling site successful, our review team focuses on those we’ve determined are the most important for consumers:

  • Industry reputation: We evaluate each platform’s reputation to ensure it’s a reliable place to sell your car. Companies that have been in business for several years and have a strong rating from the BBB score well in this category.
  • Platform: Our team rates each online platform based on how easy it is to use and its available features. Those that provide instant offers and several sales options are more likely to meet customers’ needs.
  • Cost: We performed a secret shopper analysis to see how each provider’s offers compared to competitors. Any additional fees companies charge to sell your car also factor into this rating.
  • Transaction support: The level of support offered by a car selling platform can make the process much smoother for customers. From free pickup services to sending an inspector to you, companies that offer greater transaction support receive higher scores in this category.
  • Customer experience: Our team takes a comprehensive look at customer reviews on sites like the BBB and Trustpilot to get a sense of each provider’s customer experience.

*Data accurate at time of publication.