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AmeriFreight Reviews

We rate AmeriFreight 4.8 out of 5.0 stars and name it Best Shipping Service Options. Read our AmeriFreight review to see what else we uncovered about the company.

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01/04/2024 12:37 PM

The Gist:

  • Amerifreight is an auto-shipping provider that is known for being one of the most affordable options on the market.
  • Customers also think highly of Amerifreight, rating it 4.9 out of 5.0 on the BBB site, and 4.6 out of 5.0 on Trustpilot.
  • The average cost of shipping your vehicle with Amerifreight is $495 for a 515-mile shipment and $1,015 for a 1,500-mile transport with open vehicle shipping.
AmeriFreight Best for Discounts
BBB Rating : A+ Phone : 855-460-6609 Coverage : 50 states
Pros & Cons
Pros Affordable rates and several discount opportunities available Thorough carrier vetting process Excellent reviews on BBB; A+ rating and accreditation Offers a guaranteed price option Delivers coast to coast Cons No real-time GPS tracking or mobile app Charges extra for insurance No locked-in rates No international shipping

AmeriFreight is a leading car shipping broker that partners with over 10,000 car carriers to deliver a wide range of auto transport services. The company also works with government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, and retailers to deliver outsourced logistics services and shipping on a large scale.

AmeriFreight offers an array of auto transport services and countless years of industry expertise. An extensive collection of discounts and many positive AmeriFreight reviews make it one of the best car shipping companies for those with vehicle transport needs.

In this AmeriFreight review, we assess the company based on its cost, services, reputation, and customer experience. We also take a closer look at the auto shipping broker to help you decide if it’s the right company for your needs.

AmeriFreight Rating: 4.8 Stars

With almost two decades of shipping experience, AmeriFreight is a reputable vehicle transport provider with a variety of services and mostly positive AmeriFreight reviews. With this comes somewhat higher prices, which can be eased by the auto shipper’s discounts.

Customer Experience4.7
Overall Rating4.8

AmeriFreight Overview

AmeriFreight is a car shipping broker that operates out of Peachtree City, Georgia. Since 2004, the company has worked to connect customers with its network of car carriers to ship vehicles to all 50 states.

AmeriFreight reviews praise the company’s simplified booking process and conscientious drivers. The company carefully vets each transport provider in its network and only works with reliable carriers. And while each transporter is required to carry cargo insurance, AmeriFreight shines by giving customers the option to purchase extra protection for more peace of mind.

Most customers have a positive experience with AmeriFreight car shipping. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives the company an A+ rating, while nearly 3,500 Google reviews give it an average 4.7 stars out of 5.0. Additionally, AmeriFreight was the third most popular auto transport broker in our recent car shipping survey, with 109 respondents out of 1,000 using the company’s car shipping services.

Popular car shipping providers placed into a bar graph, including Sherpa Auto Transport

Car Shipping Cost: AmeriFreight

Based on our research, AmeriFreight offers affordable vehicle shipping prices and a variety of discounts. We received quotes from the company with a 515-mile shipment costing around $495 and a 1,500-mile trip costing $1,015 for open transport.

Car Shipping Survey Costs

Our auto shipping consumer survey found that 80 percent of respondents said cost was the most critical factor when choosing a company. The survey also showed that over 41 percent of respondents paid between $1,000 and $1,999 for their vehicle shipment, which falls within the range of what AmeriFreight tends to charge for car shipping.

Bar chart showing what people reported paying for an extended car warranty

AmeriFreight Sample Quotes

AmeriFreight’s website states that in-state moves can cost up to $3 per mile, while cross-country shipment can cost as little as 50 cents per mile. To provide you with an additional idea of AmeriFreight shipping costs, we reached out for some free quotes using AmeriFreight’s online rate calculator.

AmeriFreight Car Shipping Quote

Shipping DistanceVehicleOpen/Enclosed TransportAmeriFreight Price Estimate
Rapid City, SD to Atlanta, GA (1,504 miles)2020 Hyundai ElantraOpen$1,015
Rapid City, SD to Atlanta, GA (1,504 miles)2020 Hyundai ElantraEnclosed$1,726
Washington D.C. to Seattle, WA (2,761 miles)2020 Hyundai ElantraOpen$1,174

The above rates are for an operable vehicle shipping in November. A number of other factors may impact your own rates.

AmeriFreight Car Shipping Cost Factors

General car shipping costs fluctuate considerably throughout the year due to various outside factors. These include:

  • Time of year: Summer months and January tend to be more expensive, as that’s when demand is at its highest level.
  • Vehicle size: The larger the car, the more expensive it will be to move.
  • Vehicle operability: It costs more to load an inoperable vehicle for shipment than an operable vehicle due to the extra labor.
  • Urgency: The sooner you need the delivery date, the more it will cost. Try to book in advance in order to get the best price.
  • Transport type: Open car transport is cheaper than enclosed car transport.
  • Distance: Coast-to-coast car shipping costs more overall than regional routes but less per mile.
  • Delivery method: Door-to-door shipping is pricier than terminal-to-terminal, however not every provider offers terminal-to-terminal shipping.
  • Price of fuel: If fuel prices are higher, expect your car shipment to cost more.

To keep prices to a minimum, book early and give flexibility on potential shipment dates. These strategies often lead consumers to receive cheap car shipping rates, according to AmeriFreight reviews.

AmeriFreight Discounts

Initial car shipping quotes online from AmeriFreight often start on the higher side. But AmeriFreight offers a number of ways to save money, which earns it the title of Best Shipping Service Options in our review of the industry’s top auto transport companies.

AmeriFreight offers price reductions for:

  • Military members: $35 off your order
  • First responders: $35 off your order
  • Medical personnel: $35 off your order
  • Students: $25 off your order
  • Senior citizens: $25 off your order
  • Early birds: $35 off for making an order within 48 hours of your free quote
  • Return customers: $50 off your order
  • Multiple vehicles: $50 off each additional vehicle

Keep in mind that apart from the early bird special, these discounts cannot be combined. AmeriFreight also has a price-match policy that promises to match any quote given by a company with an A+ rating from the BBB and above-average rankings from customers.

AmeriFreight Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your AmeriFreight shipment with no cancellation fee provided that you have not already accepted a carrier’s offer. After you have accepted the carrier’s offer, cancellation fees depend on the policies of each individual mover, but you will forfeit your deposit amount and may need to pay compensation for the carrier’s lost time and resources.

Car Shipping Services: Amerifreight

AmeriFreight reviews make it clear that the company can meet most vehicle shipping needs, though special orders usually raise prices. As a shipping broker, AmeriFreight handles the following:

  • Cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • All-terrain vehicles (ATVs)
  • Boats, campers, and recreational vehicles (RVs)
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Collector and classic cars
  • Open transport or enclosed shipping
  • Door-to-door delivery locations or terminal-to-terminal transport
  • Expedited shipping
  • Long-distance, such as shipping a car to Hawaii or Alaska
  • Cross-country shipping, such as New York or Florida to California

AmeriFreight Cargo Insurance

As an auto transport broker, AmeriFreight only works with trucking partners that carry full cargo insurance policies and are licensed with the Department of Transportation. AmeriFreight’s AF Total Assurance (AFta) plan provides optional guaranteed asset protection (GAP) coverage for damages not covered by a carrier’s insurance, which takes care of the car owner’s deductible up to $2,000.

Car Shipping Process: Amerifreight

Since AmeriFreight operates as an auto shipping broker, you don’t have to worry about lining up car transport services yourself. Here’s a step-by-step process of AmeriFreight’s shipping process:

  1. Request a free car shipping quote through AmeriFreight’s rate calculator.
  2. Once you receive a quote, call AmeriFreight directly to confirm your rate and continue the booking process.
  3. After you confirm the rate and confirm your drop-off and delivery dates, you’ll pay a deposit to book the carrier.
  4. You’ll receive a call shortly before pickup to confirm the location and time.
  5. Your carrier will meet you on the agreed-upon date and time, where you’ll sign a bill of lading noting any existing damage on the car.
  6. You’ll receive a call the day before delivery to coordinate drop-off.
  7. Your carrier will drop off your vehicle at the destination where you will inspect it and sign a bill of lading confirming the job is complete.
  8. The final step is to pay your carrier the remaining balance owed in cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

Our research shows that booking your shipment at least two weeks before you move will help you avoid expedited shipping costs.

AmeriFreight Reviews

AmeriFreight’s service consistently rests a touch above the competition. Many drivers recommend AmeriFreight for its wide-ranging and attractive shipment choices. The provider is accredited by the BBB and holds a stellar 4.79 out of 5.0 stars average rating from AmeriFreight reviews on the site.

AmeriFreight Customer Satisfaction

In our own survey of over 100 AmeriFreight customers, 67 percent reported being very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the service. Dissatisfied customers report being upset that shipment dates extended a week or more beyond the original delivery estimate.

Here’s a breakdown of AmeriFreight customer satisfaction from our survey:

Pie chart of AmeriFreight reviews broken down by customer satisfaction

Positive AmeriFreight Reviews

Content AmeriFreight customers find a lot to love about the ease of working with the auto shipping company and the back-and-forth communication with representatives during shipments.

“I was nervous about shipping a car across the country, but AmeriFreight made everything easy. My car was picked up and delivered exactly on time and arrived in perfect condition. Great service and communication.”

– Matt R., BBB

“Interacting with AmeriFreight was very clear and straightforward. They tell you what they do for you, and then they do it. They make a stressful event–transporting a car–less stressful.”

– Carol J., BBB

Negative AmeriFreight Reviews

Not all customers enjoy working with the carrier. Some AmeriFreight reviews complain of dramatic price increases before signing the bill of lading and uncommunicative employees during the shipment.

“They give you the lowest price to lure you in. They will tell you that they can’t find a carrier to pick up your vehicle for the agreed original price, and will ask for more money. If you don’t pay up, they’ll tell you that you will just have to wait indefinitely.”

– B, Google reviews

“Not a satisfied customer. Once the carrier was selected and the credit card swiped, these folks were nowhere to be found.”

– Cak Man, Google reviews

Keep in mind that AmeriFreight is a shipping broker working with many different drivers and shipping companies. Your experience and the precise shipping process may vary depending on the mover that books your shipment.

AmeriFreight Best for Discounts
BBB Rating : A+ Phone : 855-460-6609 Coverage : 50 states
Pros & Cons
Pros Affordable rates and several discount opportunities available Thorough carrier vetting process Excellent reviews on BBB; A+ rating and accreditation Offers a guaranteed price option Delivers coast to coast Cons No real-time GPS tracking or mobile app Charges extra for insurance No locked-in rates No international shipping

AmeriFreight is a leading car shipping broker that partners with over 10,000 car carriers to deliver a wide range of auto transport services. The company also works with government agencies, vehicle manufacturers, and retailers to deliver outsourced logistics services and shipping on a large scale.

AmeriFreight Car Shipping: Conclusion

We reviewed AmerifFreight and rate it 4.8 out of 5.0 stars. Here are our best car shipping companies that compete with AmeriFreight:

AmeriFreight Auto Transport Competitors: Top Picks

While AmeriFreight can be a great option, shopping around for free car shipping quotes from other auto transporters is always a good idea. Our team spent over 340 hours researching the car shipping industry and found that Easy Auto Ship and Sherpa Auto Transport can be good alternatives.

Easy Auto Ship: 4.5 Stars

While many companies claim to have the industry’s best prices, Easy Auto Ship reviews make clear that this company proves it. Pricing from this auto transport company is consistently near the industry’s lowest rates, and costs won’t increase mid-shipment due to Easy Auto Ship’s guarantee of no hidden fees.

While Easy Auto Ship has discount pricing, it boasts first-class services. The company, which is accredited by the BBB, holds a 4.6 average star rating on Google, as well as from customers on the BBB website. With an all-online booking process, painless pricing, and numerous shipping choices, it’s easy to see why.

Read more: Easy Auto Ship reviews

Easy Auto Ship Best For Locked-In Rates
BBB Rating : A+ Phone : 844-825-6207 Coverage : 50 states
Pros & Cons
Pros Guaranteed pricing from quotes Inexpensive car shipping rates Simple and streamlined booking process Free rental car if shipment takes more than two weeks Cons No 24/7 customer assistance No way to track shipments

Our team rates Easy Auto Ship 4.3 out of 5.0 stars and recognizes it for having the Best Added Benefits for 2022. The company is highly rated, and customers consistently praise Easy Auto Ship for its affordability, guaranteed car shipping quotes, and easy shipping process.

Sherpa Auto Transport: 4.5 Stars

Sherpa Auto Transport reviews reveal that it has been a leader in customer satisfaction since its founding in 2017, as seen by its 4.91-star average rating on the BBB.

Sherpa Auto Transport’s other claim to fame is its Price Lock Promise. The provider promises that you’ll pay the original quoted price, a commitment most car shippers are wary of. Original prices may be a bit higher with Sherpa Auto Transport than with most, but it may end up saving you money in the end.

Read more: Sherpa Auto Transport reviews

Sherpa Auto Transport
BBB Rating : A+ Phone : 888-202-7706 Coverage : 49 states
Pros & Cons
Pros Locked-in shipping rates through the Price Lock Promise Vetted network of reliable and friendly carriers Strong customer service ratings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Offers a Clean Car Guarantee Cons Slightly higher prices than competitors Does not provide terminal-to-terminal shipping

Sherpa Auto Transport has many strengths, from excellent customer service to the added security of the Price Lock Promise.

AmeriFreight Reviews: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about AmerifFreight:

Is AmeriFreight trustworthy?

AmeriFreight reviews make clear that it’s one of the top car shipping companies, as seen by its strong reputation for trustworthy and efficient service. That reputation and positive customer reviews helped AmeriFreight earn an A+ rating from the BBB and 4.7 out of 5.0 stars on Google reviews.

Does AmeriFreight offer insurance?

Yes, AmeriFreight offers an Allied Fidelity Total Insurance Plan (AFta) that you can purchase to ensure your car is protected in any scenario. This gap insurance coverage can reimburse you up to $2,000 of your auto insurance deductible if you use your collision insurance for damage.

What is the best car shipping company?

After thorough research, we found enough positive Montway Auto Transport reviews to name it the Best Overall auto transportation company. Other options worth considering include Easy Auto Ship, Sherpa Auto Transport, AmeriFreight, and uShip.

Is AmeriFreight a broker?

Yes, AmeriFreight is a car shipping broker. This means that it works with car carriers to arrange transport for customers.

How can I transport my car cheaply?

Some of the best ways to find cheap car shipping include moving your vehicle via open transport with terminal-to-terminal delivery locations, keeping your shipment dates flexible, and comparing free quotes from multiple auto transport companies before selecting one.

What is AFta gap protection?

AmeriFreight’s AF Total Assurance (AFta) plan is an optional program that protects your car against damages not caused by the shipper that are incurred during a shipment. Standard auto transport insurance only covers issues that come from your own shipper’s negligence, so AFta plans offer protection for when outside factors cause problems.

How long has AmeriFreight been in business?

AmeriFreight has been around since 2004 and is headquartered in Peachtree City, Ga, near Atlanta. You’ll find countless positive AmeriFreight reviews online that mention its top-tier service standards.

Is AmeriFreight door to door?

AmeriFreight offers both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery services. While it’s more convenient to have your car shipped directly to your house, AmeriFreight reviews show that drivers receive far cheaper prices for terminal-to-terminal transport.

What is the contact information for AmeriFreight?

The best way to reach out to AmeriFreight is by calling the company’s phone number, 770-486-1010. AmeriFreight representatives are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can also find more info as well as a live chat tool at

Is AmeriFreight legit?

Yes, AmeriFreight is a legitimate auto shipping broker. It is registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. AmeriFreight’s MC number is 597401 and its DOT number is 2238770.

How We Rate Auto Shippers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of car shipping companies. While there are multiple qualities that make an auto transport provider successful, our review team focuses on those we believe are the most important for consumers:

  • Cost: Cost can be difficult to compare between providers because so many factors impact auto shipping rates. To determine our cost score, we perform a secret shopper analysis for a variety of vehicles and routes.
  • Services: Our team of experts looks at the types of services available, as well as insurance coverage and the ability to guarantee pickup and drop-off dates. Ratings also take into account whether the transport company is a broker or a carrier.
  • Reputation: It’s important that a car shipping provider is able to deliver your vehicle in a safe and timely manner. Companies with a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) score well in this category. Established providers with a long history of reliable service also receive positive marks.
  • Customer Experience: We comb through consumer reviews on sites like the BBB to learn about customer experiences. Car transport companies with a low volume of complaints score well in this area.

*Data accurate at time of publication.