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Infinity Insurance Reviews

Through an in-depth study, our reviews team rates Infinity Insurance 3.7 out of 5.0 stars for its low car insurance rates and high-risk driver coverage.

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09/09/2023 06:09 PM

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Infiniti Insurance is a California-based insurance provider and primarily offers auto insurance for individuals and businesses. The company’s services are only available in its founding state, but if you live in California is this company right for you?

Our expert team researched pricing, policies, and customer feedback for our Infinity Insurance review to determine how its auto coverage compares to competitors’ offerings. If you’re unsure what type of coverage you need or simply want to explore more options, we also encourage you to take a look at our list of the best car insurance companies for more information.

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Infinity Insurance Review

While Infinity offers a wide variety of car insurance discounts and has good financial stability, we found its customer service is less than satisfactory for the cost of its rates. Despite this, Infinity is worth considering for Calfornians who are high-risk drivers and have trouble getting car insurance from other providers.

Overall Rating3.7

Infinity Insurance Pros and Cons

Pros Wide range of discount options
Cons High number of poor customer reviews More expensive than competitors Only available in California

Is Infinity Insurance Good?

Overall, it can be a good option for those living in California, but its services and rates outweigh many of the positives Infinity Insurance may seem good to customers with its wide array of auto insurance discounts, but it’s hard to overlook the company’s high rates and the overwhelming number of negative reviews surrounding its customer service. Our expert team researched pricing, policies, and customer feedback for our Infinity Insurance review to determine how its auto coverage compares to competitors’ offerings. 

About Infinity Insurance

Founded: 2002
Parent company: Kemper Corp.
States available: California
AM Best financial strength rating: A-
Insurance types: Auto, home, business, commercial vehicle, renters

Infinity Insurance is based in Birmingham, Alabama, and offers auto insurance in California. It’s owned by Kemper Insurance, the 11th-largest car insurance provider in the U.S., according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

Infinity Insurance Customer Reviews

Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating: A-
BBB complaints in last three years: 495
J.D. Power customer satisfaction index: N/A
Trustpilot rating: 1.3

Online reviews for Infinity Insurance on both the BBB’s website and Trustpilot skew highly negative, with constant complaints of poor customer service. Although it maintains an A- rating with the BBB, customers rate Infinity very low, with an average of 1.0 out of 5.0 stars. Trustpilot reviews reflect this sentiment, rating Infinity at 1.3 out of 5 stars on average. Complaints range from poor insurance services to trouble contacting insurance agents. 

Positive Infinity Insurance Reviews

Positive reviews for Infinity car insurance are difficult to come by. However, there is occasional positive feedback such as this:

“I made the claim, I called a couple of times, but within two days the adjuster had given the report. A few hours later, my car was being towed to the shop they suggested, which turned out to be a great shopI had a very positive experience with these people and had never used this insurance before now.”
– Customer via Trustpilot

Infinity Insurance Complaints

There are an overwhelming number of complaints about Infinity Insurance, many of which say the service doesn’t live up to customers’ expectations. Here are a couple examples:

“Worst insurance company ever. I’ve had nothing but problems with them. They also won’t fight for your case when you’re right and even the adjusters agreed with you. Never return phone calls or answer a phone. Talk rudely when you do speak to them.”
– Ashley E. via BBB

“Horrible service, worst experience ever, going on 90 days still no progress. Just retained a lawyer!”
– Lavell A. via BBB

Although there are a very high number of complaints, Infinity responds to many of the negative comments, asking for customers’ contact information to help resolve issues. Unfortunately, the standard reply doesn’t always provide the quality of service customers are looking for.

Infinity Auto Insurance Cost and Discounts

According to our rate estimates, the average cost for a full coverage Infinity auto insurance policy is about $2,273 per year. This is for a 35-year-old driver in California with a good credit score and a clean driving record. The average for the same driver profile with other companies is $2,089 per year, making Infinity’s average rates about 9 percent more expensive than average.

Icons showing the main factors that affect car insurance costs.
Graphic of factors affecting cost of car insurance

Infinity Auto Insurance Cost: Estimates by Provider

The table below can give you a sense of how Infinity compares to other insurers in California:

Car Insurance CompanyAnnual Cost
California Average$2,089
Infinity Insurance$2,273
AAA Northern California$2,372
AAA Southern California$2,572
State Farm$2,653

Check out our comprehensive guide to car insurance quotes to learn more about finding the best quote for your vehicle and budget.

Infinity Car Insurance Discounts

Infinity’s website provides a wide variety of insurance discounts designed to save drivers money. We’ve listed them below for your convenience:

Multi-car discountIf you insure more than one vehicle with Infinity and all insured vehicles have the minimum liability insurance
Mature driver improvement course discountIf you meet Infinity’s age requirement and take its safe driving course
Good student discountIf you’re a full-time student with a B average (3.0 GPA) or higher
Renewal discountIf you’re an existing Infinity customer and renew your insurance policy
Homeowners discountIf you own a home
Paid-in-full discountIf you pay your premium as a lump sum rather than monthly
Advanced quote discountIf you begin shopping for a new policy with Infinity at least six days before your current one ends
Safety features discountIf your vehicle has air bags, anti-lock brakes, and/or anti-theft systems
Paperless discountIf you get all communications online instead of by mail

Infinity Auto Insurance Payment

All Infinity auto insurance payments can be made online, by going to a local California office, or by calling an agent at 1-800-782-1020.  If you want to pay online you will need to set up an account with information like your policy number, your name, and other basic personal information. This same information will be needed also if you talk to an agent on the phone or in person.

Infinity Insurance Auto Insurance Coverage

Infinity provides the standard types of auto insurance policies, similar to most companies, including full coverage. It’s also considered a nonstandard insurer, meaning it provides policy options for high-risk drivers with bad driving records or poor credit.

For your convenience, we’ve listed the types of standard auto insurance below: 

Liability Bodily injury (BI) liability insurance covers the medical expenses for other drivers and their passengers after an accident where you are at fault. Property damage (PD) liability insurance pays for damages to other drivers’ vehicles after an accident where you are at fault.
Collision Collision insurance pays for damages that occur while your car is moving, either with another vehicle or a road hazard, or if you flip your vehicle.
Comprehensive Comprehensive insurance pays for damages to your vehicle that are caused by animals or natural disasters. It also pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it is stolen or vandalized.
Medical Payments Medical payments (MedPay) covers medical bills for you and your passengers after an accident.
Personal Injury Protection Personal injury protection (PIP) pays medical bills for you and your passengers after an accident. PIP may also pay for other expenses such as lost wages.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage pays for damages to your vehicle if you are hit by another driver who does not have insurance or does not have enough insurance to fully pay for the cost of damages.

Full coverage insurance includes liability coverage plus collision and comprehensive coverage. This protects you, your passengers, and your car in a variety of situations. Our team surveyed 1,000 car insurance customers on their preferences and found that 67 percent of drivers have full-coverage insurance.

Infinity Roadside Assistance

In addition to the policies listed above, Infinity gives policyholders a 24/7 roadside assistance program membership as part of the Infinity DriverClub®. You pay for services like towing as needed, and you can access help even if you’re a passenger in another vehicle.

Infinity Commercial Auto Insurance

Infinity offers many commercial auto insurance options for both small and medium-sized businesses. Most of their policies mainly include liability coverage for those in an accident in business vehicles. Infinity Insurance covers many types of vehicles including full­-size vans, pick-­ups and utility trailers, cargo vans, straight trucks, flatbed trucks, landscaping vehicles, and contracting vehicles. Their commercial auto insurance policies have many benefits as well and include:

  • Foreign licenses accepted at reduced rates
  • Big discounts for paid-in-full policies, prior coverage, and more
  • Flexible payment options
  • Automatic coverage for eligible new hire employees
  • Various trailer insurance options

Eligibility standards may differ by state, but generally speaking small to medium-sized businesses with registered business vehicles can get Infinity commercial auto insurance.

Infinity Insurance Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of an Infinity Insurance policy must be done either by calling 1-800-INFINITY or by submitting a request on their online customer policy change portal. Canceling your policy can take place immediately or you can set a specific date for it to end. Before you cancel your policy, you will need your name, policy number, and the date you want your policy to end. If you paid your premium for the entirety of the policy term, you will receive a refund for the unused portion minus any cancellation fees that apply.

Infinity Insurance Mobile App

Infinity customers who want to use a mobile app must download the Kemper Auto Insurance app, as the Infinity app is no longer being supported. Although the app has 1.5 out of 5.0 stars on the App Store and 2.4 out of 5.0 stars on Google Play, it allows customers to:

  • Access policy information
  • View quotes and insurance ID cards
  • Access claims
  • Make insurance payments
  • Find agents’ contact information
  • Access online chat

Infinity Auto Insurance Reviews: Conclusion

Our team rates Infinity auto insurance 3.7 out of 5.0 stars for its affordable rates and good stability to pay claims. While the company has a good reputation, customer reviews typically say otherwise with low ratings overall on most sites. Furthermore the company’s insurance services are only available in California. Even with this in mind, Infinity car insurance can be a good option if you live in California. However, we recommend you look around and compare rates before committing to a provider.

Infinity Car Insurance Competitors: Top Picks

Are you unsure whether Infinity is right for you? We’ve listed two of our favorite insurance providers below.

Geico: Best for Discounts

We recognize Geico for offering affordable coverage in California and providing a wide variety of discounts. Car insurance discounts from Geico include military, government employee, good driver, multi-car, multi-policy, and more.

Read our comprehensive Geico insurance review to learn more.

Progressive: Best Usage-Based Insurance

Progressive is known for covering all types of drivers, ranging from high-risk to experienced. Its Snapshot® program rewards safe driving with discounted rates and is one of the highest-rated usage-based insurance programs available. Combined with its extensive list of discounts, Progressive offers competitive pricing for coverage similar to Infinity’s.

Read our Progressive insurance review or our Geico vs. Progressive review for more information.  

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Infinity Car Insurance Company: FAQ

Is Infinity a good insurance company?

Infinity may be a good insurance company for high-risk drivers who can’t get coverage elsewhere. Infinity has a financial strength rating of A- from AM Best, which demonstrates its reliability in fulfilling claims. However, it also has a BBB rating of A- and a high number of negative customer reviews citing poor communication with agents.

Does Infinity offer roadside assistance?

Infinity’s DriverClub program grants policyholders access to 24/7 roadside assistance, though they must pay out of pocket if they use services.

Does Infinity offer any other types of insurance?

Yes. Beyond auto insurance, Infinity offers homeowners insurance, business insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, and renters insurance.

How We Rate Insurers

Our review process aims to deliver consistent and unbiased assessments of car insurance Infinity Insurances. While there are multiple qualities that make a car insurance company successful, our review team focuses on those we believe are the most important for consumers:

  • Cost: Cost can be difficult to compare between insurers because so many factors impact annual premiums. The cheapest insurer for one driver may not be the cheapest for another. To determine our cost score, we look at insurance rate estimates generated by Quadrant Information Services, discount opportunities, and consumer reports.
  • Coverage: To determine our coverage score, we look at the number of coverage options available as well as coverage limits and deductible options. Our ratings also take into account additional services and benefits like roadside assistance.
  • Reliability: It’s important that an auto insurer is able to meet its claims obligations. Companies with a strong financial strength rating from AM Best score best in this category. Established insurers with a long history of reliable service also receive positive marks.
  • Service: We comb through customer reviews on sites like the BBB to learn about customer experiences. Insurers with a low volume of complaints score well in this area. We also consider the claims process, giving higher ratings to car insurance Infinity Insurances that offer easy-to-use claims apps.

*Data accurate at time of publication.